🎄Contributor Requirements🎄



It’s Jennifer and Kathryn here, your Christmastime elves, and we’re so glad you’re interested in being a part of the upcoming “Your Best Year Yet Giveaway – It’s 12 Days of (Entrepreneur!) Christmas.”

This is an opportunity for you to grow your list and give value to your audience at the same time. Win win!

Please read all the details of participation below as your payment and/or participation indicates acceptance of these requirements.

While we can’t guarantee results, our intention is for the majority of contributors to walk away with several hundred new leads at least. How many opt-ins you get will depend on a number of factors including (a) your own promotional efforts (b) the quality and value of your free gift and (c) the package(s) you purchase. We will do our very best to ensure everyone promotes the event as agreed and our goal is to have the majority of you walk away with 300-1,500+ new leads.

The application process is invitation-only and the earliest “yeses” get the spots. Please don’t wait to select your package and take care of your contributor fee. If you haven’t done so already you can find the package selection page here: https://bestyearyetgiveaway.com/options

As soon as you make your payment, you’ll be directed to the online application intake form with instructions for submitting your information and materials to us. You will also receive the application intake form link via email in case you need a bit of time to get your gift and materials ready.

If you have any questions, please click here to contact Team Elves.

Jennifer & Kathryn



NOTE: Please feel free to contact our team for any questions about the details, requirements and responsibilities listed below.

Promo Window

The giveaway promo window opens November 24 and closes December 14. Your emails promoting the event must go out during this time frame. November 24 to November 30 is a teaser window to a waitlist.

Giveaway Window

The giveaway officially opens December 1st and closes December 14th. We will be doing a special “12 Days of Christmas” daily email promotion for all those that have opted in, with special contributor features and emails for those contributors who qualify (see https://bestyearyetgiveaway.com/options for package details).

How It Works

Visitors opt in for the giveaway.  On December 1st, the giveaway officially opens and they are taken to a page with all contributor giveaway offers. There, they click the access button for any offers they’re interested in (including yours!). That takes them to an opt-in page on YOUR site, where they will complete the opt-in process. You are responsible for your own opt-in process, tracking, and technology from the moment they click the access button from our gifts page to your opt-in page.


Tripwires ARE permitted during the giveaway under the following conditions:

1) We (your giveaway hosts) must be made an affiliate for your tripwire offer.

2) Your tripwire offer may occur on your thank-you page or via email after someone has opted in for your gift.

3) Your tripwire offer must be no more than $200 (to maximize your own conversions, we recommend an offer of $7-$47).

4) We reserve the right to refuse any tripwire offer that does not meet our expectations for quality or congruency at our sole discretion.



Contributor Fee

The contributor fee to participate starts at $197. Click this link to pay now and reserve your spot if you haven’t already.  Your spot is not secure until your application has been submitted and you have paid the contributor fee. We reserve the right to reject your application if it doesn’t meet our desired goals. If this happens (it’s not anticipated), we will contact you and work with you to choose or craft a different offer so that you can participate. If we are unable to find that together, we’ll refund your contributor fee.

Solo Emails

You must agree to send 3 solo promotional emails at minimum for the giveaway between November 24 – December 14. All copy will be provided. (In a few rare exceptions, we can accept emailing only two times. Please contact us if you need to discuss exceptions.)

It’s suggested that you email when the giveaway first opens, mid-way through, and towards the last day or two. Our team will be monitoring promotions to ensure a successful event for everyone.

Please note that if you do not fulfill the promotional commitments you made on your application form, we reserve the right to remove you from the giveaway without notice or refund.

Social Media Promotion

You must agree to post for the giveaway 6 times at minimum between November 24 – December 14 on your most popular, highly-engaged social media channel(s). All copy will be provided. It’s suggested that you email when the giveaway first opens, mid-way through, and towards the last few days. Our team will be monitoring promotions to ensure a successful event for everyone. Please note that if you do not fulfill the promotional commitments you made on your application form, we reserve the right to remove you from the giveaway without notice or refund.



Put Together an Enticing, High-Quality and Valuable Giveaway GIFT

The more exciting the things we all give away collectively, the bigger the buzz and the greater the crowd this giveaway attracts. And, of course, the more ideal leads you attract to your list, too! And remember, for THIS giveaway, your gift must in some way help entrepreneurs hit the ground running in the New Year with the new edge you’ve provided them.

You may want to consider giving away something you would ordinarily charge for, or something that really surprises and “wows” people with its unique value to inspire them to opt-in, such as:

A freebie bundle || Mini-Course || Video Training || Clear Plans/Templates || Gifts to Make Things Easier

We insist that your gift look professional and deliver real value to your new subscribers. If your proposed gift does not meet these criteria, we reserve the right to request that you select a more appropriate gift for this giveaway. This is to ensure that your reputation as well the reputation of your fellow contributors and the event as a whole is protected and enhanced.

Your opt-in page must be available and functioning through January 31 as we provide extended access to gifts for those who purchase the VIP upgrade.

Fill Out Your Application ASAP and Provide All Materials Requested

As soon as you submit your contributor fee, you’ll receive an email with a link to the application page and other instructions. Your application must be submitted no later than September 24, or you run the risk of not having your gift up on the site on opening day.

Create an Opt-In + Thank-You Page on Your Site

Create an opt-in page on your site that describes the benefits of the product or service you’re offering and provides a way to sign up to receive it or to win it in a raffle. You’ll also need to create a thank you page with either a download link or instructions for next steps. These must be complete, uploaded and ready for us to review no later than October 24. We strongly recommend you add a banner to your opt-in to maintain the look and feel consistency.  We will provide you with a banner to include on your page and some boilerplate language for the very bottom of the page.  You can read more about your Opt-in Page Requirements here.

Email Your List + Post on Social Media

As discussed in the requirements section, you must send a solo email about the giveaway to your list a minimum of 3 times during the promotional period, as well as post on your social media channels 6 or more times. This is what makes a collaborative effort like this create success for everyone. We will provide all promotional copy, social media posts and images. We ask that you forward to our team the emails you send, as we track all promotions for the event.




As an extra way to gain some traffic, you may ALSO choose to contribute a raffle prize for those that opt-in for your free gift. Please note you are required to give everyone who opts in to your list a free gift. The raffle prize is an optional addition you may want to consider to help get you more opt-ins.

Your Responsibilities

Responsibility #1: If you are raffling off a prize, you are required to actually deliver upon the prize(s) that you promise. (We know this is obvious, but unfortunately we have learned the hard way that some contributors only post a raffle prize for the extra traffic and then renege on delivering the promised prize. It goes without saying that when this occurs it negatively affects all of us collectively.)

Responsibility #2: YOU MUST CHOOSE YOUR WINNER AND NOTIFY US NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 18. With the giveaway closing on December 14, this means you have only 4 days (December 15-18) to choose your winner and notify us. If you are unable to commit to notifying us by December 18 due to the holidays or for any other reason, please DO NOT do a raffle.

Responsibility #3: You are responsible for choosing your winners from your opt-ins. Because your opt-in page and process are on your own servers and systems, we are technologically unable to know who opted in to your list as a result of the giveaway. The best way to track your own opt-ins so you can choose a winner is to set up a separate funnel just for the giveaway or ensure you’re using sophisticated enough software so you know where your new opt-ins came from. To choose a winner, we recommend using Google’s Random Number Generator. It’s very easy! However, if for any reason you do not know how to track your own giveaway opt-ins or select a winner, please DO NOT do a raffle.

Responsibility #4: It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact your winners no later than December 31. We will be posting a list of raffle winners on the website, but you must contact your winners yourself.

How to Provide Us with Names of Winners

For any extra gifts you are raffling off, as stated above, YOU will contact the winners and then provide their email address and, if possible, their first and last name to US. Please provide us with your winners’ email addresses and if possible first names and last names no later than December 18. Email us at hi@bestyearyetgiveaway.com with your winner info by the deadline.

We Will Publish Winners on the Giveaway Site

Shortly after the giveaway closing date, we will be publishing a list of all raffle prize winners on the giveaway site along with your customer support contact info so that they can reach out to you. If you have not fulfilled your obligation of sending us your raffle prize winners’ email address & name by the deadline, your specific section on the winners’ page will list your prize(s) and your customer support contact info so people can reach out to you directly to inquire as to whether they won or not.



We always appreciate when you can send in your stuff BEFORE the due date! We even have special prizes up for grabs for the early birds!

Pay contributor fee: ASAP to hold place
Fill out application + submit info/materials: September 24
Complete and upload your opt-in/thank you pages: October 24

We begin testing all Opt-ins for Gifts: October 25
You receive your swipe copy & images: November 1
Email your list and post social media messages: November 24 – December 14
Giveaway opens: December 1
Giveaway closes to general public: December 14
VIP access to gifts closes: January 31
Your opt-in page & gift must be available through: January 31

If you’re doing a raffle: Select your winners: December 15, 16, 17, or 18 only
If you’re doing a raffle: Send winners’ email address & name to us: No later than December 18
If you’re doing a raffle: Notify your winners: No later than December 31



All sales are final.

We reserve the right to reject your offer if it doesn’t meet our desired goals. If this happens (it’s not anticipated), we will contact you and work with you to choose or craft a different offer so that you can participate. If we determine that your offer is not suitable for the giveaway, we’ll refund your contributor fee.

Please note that if you do silly things like not fulfill the promotional commitments you made, not submit your materials to us, not abide by the terms on this page, or treat our team members or your fellow contributors disrespectfully, we reserve the right to remove you from the giveaway, at our sole discretion, without notice or refund.