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Raffle Winners Announcement

We are so excited to be sharing these raffle winners with you! Our generous contributors were giving away over $50,000 in prizes – woohoo! Well, the results are in at long last, just in time to help you kick off 2021 powerfully.

Are you on the list below?

If you are, congrats! You should be contacted directly by the business that awarded you the raffle prize shortly after the holidays.

If you miss their email for some reason, please reach out to them directly. Their contact info is listed below.

From Jessica Santise:

PRIZE(S): Cut. It. Out! Video Training ($97 value)

WINNER(S): Steve  st*******

CONTACT: hello at

From Dawn Montefusco:

PRIZE(S): Intuitive Writing Coaching Session ($597 value)


Anna an*******
Joyce jo********

CONTACT: dawnmontefusco at

From Kristin Thompson:

PRIZE(S): Rock Your Talk Course ($997 value)


Sorry, we don’t have this info available! Please contact the email address below to inquire if you were the winner.

CONTACT: support at

From Dee Reller:

PRIZE(S): Launch Gap Assessment ($500 value)


Donna Galassi
Dr. Donna L. Hamilton
Ellen McCulloch Covey
Lisa Lauter Thompson
Trisha Wellman

CONTACT: dee at

From Martha Wilson:

PRIZE(S): Inner Work Bootcamp – Home Study ($1,997 Value)

WINNER(S): Ruth ru****

CONTACT: martha at

From Linda Cain:

PRIZE(S): 60-Minute Event Marketing Strategy & Mapping Session ($997 value)


Sorry, we don’t have this info available! Please contact the email address below to inquire if you were the winner.

CONTACT: lindacainoffice at

From Thembi Bheka:

PRIZE(S): Monthly Virtual Assistant Services ($997 value)

WINNER(S): Debra d*****

CONTACT: support at

From Cindy Schulson:

PRIZE(S): Lead Magnet Makeover ($1,800 value)

WINNER(S): Denise Hansard

CONTACT: cindy at

From Milana Leshinsky: 

PRIZE(S): 3-Month Subscription to ($180 value)


Amanda Bolzau m*********
Dana da Ponte s*****
DL Hamilton do******

CONTACT: tech at

From Brigette Callahan:

PRIZE(S): Create Compelling Slides That Convert Bootcamp ($997 value)

WINNER(S): Carrie Gibson ar******

CONTACT: wow at

From Michael Neeley:

PRIZE(S): Podcast Small Group Mastermind VIP Day ($1,500 value)


Leone le*******
Marisa Pelicano ma********

CONTACT: support at

From Jenna Larson:

PRIZE(S): 3 Months of GroupTrack CRM Free ($90 value)

WINNER(S): Cally ca*****

CONTACT: support at

From Sherri-Lee Woycik:

PRIZE(S): 1,000 Likes Game ($497 value)

WINNER(S): Joanna Li co*********

CONTACT: slw at

From Jane Garee:

PRIZE(S): Private 1:1 45-Minute Strategic Selling Success Session ($1,000 value)

WINNER(S): Angi mo*****

CONTACT: jane at

From Donna Kozik:

PRIZE(S): Done-for-You Publishing Package ($3,997 value)

WINNER(S): Kiana Love ka******

CONTACT: support at

From Kristen Robinson:

PRIZE(S): 5 Days to Your 1st (or Next!) 100 Email Subscribers ($497 value)


Mary Beth Cryan ma*******
Stephanie Taylor de******
Rebecca Eldredge r*****

CONTACT: info at

From Molly Mahoney:

PRIZE(S): Video Content Planning Implementation Workshop ($197 value)

WINNER(S): Jeannie re********

CONTACT: thepreparedperformer at

From Connie Whitman:

PRIZE(S): Free 1:1 Coaching Session ($500 value)


Petra pu******
Deb de*****
John sh******
Valinda Carroll wa*****

CONTACT: connie at

From Lynette Chandler:

PRIZE(S): Thrive Anywhere All-Access 2020 PLR ($497 value)


Rachel Acheson ba******
Dee Small st****
Wai Ling Wong wa*****

CONTACT: lynette at

From Cornelia Ward:

PRIZE(S): You Have a PhD in Life Experience – Private Coaching ($997 value)


Jessica Freeman or****
Heather he*******
Elizabeth Jane Cornett co*********
Kandace co******
Christa Potter ch*****

CONTACT: cornelia at

From Michelle Lange:

PRIZE(S): Winning Video Coaching Session ($997 value)

WINNER(S): Brenda Trott b*********

CONTACT: concierge at

From Laura Rike:

PRIZE(S): Personalized Pinterest Audit ($297 value)

WINNER(S): Toni sh********

CONTACT: support at

From Adam Urbanski:

PRIZE(S): Business Growth Traction – 12-Month Coaching Program ($3,000 value)

WINNER(S): Corine co********

CONTACT: wecare at

From Shameca Tankerson:

PRIZE(S): High-End Upgrade Messaging Makeover ($1,997 value)

WINNER(S): Irene bo************

CONTACT: support at

From Tracy Litt:

PRIZE(S): 1:1 Mindset Coaching ($1,000 value)

WINNER(S): Lindsey Machona Maenzanise re*****

CONTACT: hello at

From Kim Eldredge:

PRIZE(S): The Book Idea Workbook: 10 Can’t-Fail Steps to a Book Your Prospects Can’t Wait to Read (And You’re Excited to Write!) ($197 value)

WINNER(S): Cassandra ca*********

CONTACT: kim at

From Dallas Travers:

PRIZE(S): Foolproof Webinar Formula ($997 value)

WINNER(S): Sara Terry sa******

CONTACT: support at

From Maggie Chu:

PRIZE(S): 90-Minute 1:1 Client Attraction Mapping Session ($997 value)

WINNER(S): Ardith Bowman ar******

CONTACT: support at

From Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers:

PRIZE(S): 12 Months of Self-Help or Business PLR Content ($564 value)


Karen Allison re*******
Karen Burke ka*******
Ian Gibb ia*******

CONTACT: support at

From Mostafa Hosseini:

PRIZE(S): How to Apply the 80/20 Principle to Your Business ($2,000 value)

WINNER(S): Liz Carter li*****

CONTACT: support at

From Susan Harrow:

PRIZE(S): Ultra Super-Saver PR Training Pack ($3,500 value)


Meg m****
Alison al*****
Denise d******

CONTACT: mgr at

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