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🎅 Surprise! Bonus Day 14 Gifts

Free From Eva Gregory: ChatGPT Prompts for Entrepreneurs – Harness the Power of AI

Elevate Your Content Creation Journey!

Discover the transformative power of AI and say goodbye to the stress of staring at a blank page…

Access a curated collection of AI-generated prompts perfect for coaches, marketers & entrepreneurs:

➡️ Instant inspiration: Blog posts, video scripts & more to elevate your content

➡️ Targeted Content: Prompts that resonate deeply with YOUR audience

➡️ Workflow Revolution: Master tips & tricks for optimizing your content creation process with ChatGPT

This guide will help you leverage AI’s power to generate remarkable content that captivates, converts & drives results – a $97 value >>>

Value: $97

Free From Liam Austin: Get the “Event To Client” Funnel + 7 Steps To Create Your Predictable Income System Bundle

Struggling to get enough high-quality leads and sales?

Get the formula inviting strategic partners AND a marketing system to build a following of raving fans…

But that’s not all: The #1 mistake virtual event hosts make is they don’t set up a post-event funnel… They’re leaving a lot of money on the table!

That’s why this bundle also includes a proven-to-work 4-step funnel to turn your virtual event attendees into paying clients for your high-ticket offers.

Gift + Raffle: Grab this gift + be automatically entered to win “Quick Workshop Win,” Liam’s proven workshop system to generate high-paying clients quickly, consistently & on autopilot. Get it now >>>

Value: $497

FREE FROM YOUR HOSTS: Want to Run Your Own Giveaway? LIVE Giveaway Planning Masterclass with Jennifer & Kathryn

Your giveaway hosts, Kathryn & Jennifer, put together THE essential Giveaway Planning Masterclass to show you:

➡️ Our exact giveaway planning checklist & timeline to pull off a polished giveaway (like this one!) with zero guesswork

➡️ Our step-by-step to a giveaway that can get you 1000s of new email list subscribers

➡️ How to actually make money from your giveaway (aka get paid to grow your list!)

Snag your spot & peek behind the curtain of our industry-disrupting giveaway model that has attracted A-List contributors like Lisa Sasevich, John Lee Dumas, Suzanne Evans, Margaret Lynch & more >>>

Value: $497
🎅 Day 1 Gifts

Gift + Raffle: Leverage AI For Ads – Training from Paul & Melissa Pruitt

Video training:

Discover the power of using AI for your ads to streamline your Facebook ads strategy & increase your profits…

Plus, get ready-to-use power prompts to confidently and effectively use AI to drive more sales and success!

Gift + Raffle: Grab this gift and you’ll be automatically entered to win Paul & Melissa’s AI Advantage™ Course (value $997)

Learn how to effectively integrate AI into your course, membership, or coaching program to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business to the next level.

Get “Leveraging AI For Ads Training” from Paul & Melissa here >>>

Value: $497 + You Could Win $997 in AI Training

FREE from Nathalie Lussier: 30-Day List-Building Challenge

Build your email list more in the next 30 days than you have in the last 3 months:

Nathalie’s giving away her 30-Day List Building Challenge that includes:

➡️ Easy, actionable daily tips to grow your email list

➡️ Video mini-modules to show you exactly what to do

➡️ Cheat sheets & checklists to keep you on track

Start growing your email list right now with Nathalie Lussier’s 30-Day List-Building Challenge >>>

Value: $197

FREE: “Done & Done Content Workshop” from Jennifer Covington

Get your marketing content done in a day! In this workshop you’ll:

➡️​ Learn how to craft your marketing content so you can easily & authentically attract your ideal clients & customers

➡️ Develop a system for writing content quickly & consistently so you’re always in touch without the headaches

➡️ Walk away with a year’s worth of content at-a-glance all planned out

➡️ Receive downloadable done-for-you worksheets, prompts & checklists to make creating content a breeze

➡️ Identify the best topics to bring in consistent sales & ideal clients

Get the “Done & Done Content Workshop” now – $197 value >>>

Value: $197

🎅 Day 2 Gifts

FREE: Get “The Coach’s Legal Library” from your friend who is a lawyer, Valerie Del Grosso

The Internet is full of incomplete, inaccurate, and inapplicable legal advice for the coaching industry…

…Until now!

Get access to the free Coach’s Legal Library, which gives real answers (and no legal-ese) to common coaching questions like:

➡️ How do I protect a great program name?

➡️ Is it time to register an LLC?

➡️ How do I set up a solid client agreement?

…all specific to coaches.

Get the Coach’s Legal Library for FREE – a $197 value >>>

Value: $197

Gift + Raffle: Get “CIA Spy Secrets to Making Goals Work for You” from Leadership Architect Martha Wilson

This 3-part mini-course will help you…

➡️ Clear your head and set powerful goals with confidence.

➡️ De-bug your inner GPS so you take consistent, meaningful action.

➡️ Turn down the stress of putting yourself out there so you keep moving forward no matter what life throws your way.

Accomplishing goals doesn’t have to be so painful (promise!).

Gift + Raffle: Grab this gift & you’ll also be entered to win Martha Wilson’s The Inner Work™ Bootcamp Home Study to take the transformation further – $1,997 value, enter now >>>

Value: $497 + You Could Win a $2K Mindset Course

FREE: 31-Day Content Calendar from Social Media Strategist Katie Brinkley

STOP stressing about what to post!

This day-by-day blueprint will show you what to post to generate attention and LEADS on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more.

Each day for 31 days, you’ll get:

➡️ What kind of post to make

➡️ The topic of the post

➡️ An example of what a post would look like

…All you have to do is customize it for your business.

Grab your FREE 31-Day Social Content Calendar & STOP worrying about what you’re going to post >>>

Value: $27

🎅 Day 3 Gifts

FREE 5-Day Challenge: Wealth Made Simple from Ann Wilson

Did you know that less than 4% of the world’s population gets to experience financial freedom?

In the “Wealth Made Simple” 5-Day Challenge, we’ll cover:

➡️ The precise amount of money you require to live the life of your dreams

➡️ Potential obstacles to your wealth & exactly how to overcome them

➡️ The step-by-step approach to create & live your wealthy life forever

Join the “Wealth Made Simple” 5-Day Challenge now – $197 value >>>

Value: $197

5 Fast & Easy Hacks to Make BIG Money from SMALL Lists, Your Free Gift from James Lam

Learn the top lessons and real-world experiences that will up-level your email list to BIG MONEY (even if your list is teeny tiny)

This guide is for you if:

1) You have yet to reach 100K annually and consistently and have lists of under 1,000 (and more likely less than 200!)

2) You want to learn the strategies you’ve been missing to take your business to the next level in just minutes

3) You need powerful, effective, and simple-to-implement lessons that have been learned from working with hundreds of online coaches, healers and course creators

Get “5 Fast and Easy Hacks to Make BIG Money from SMALL Lists” now – $97 value >>>

Value: $97

FREE: “44 Ways To Seduce Your Next Client from Stage, Podcast, Radio, Virtual Summits and Virtual Networking” from Jackie Lapin

As a changemaker looking to change more lives, attract more clients and scale up your business, you must always be looking for ways to get people to meet with you or opt in to your list.

But if you think the only inducements you can offer are a free ebook, short online program or free consultation, you are far behind the times!

Is your free offer tired and not drawing?

What if we could give you 44 ways to seduce your next client from stages, podcasts, radio shows, virtual summits or virtual networking?

Get this and rocket your prospective client engagement with new, exciting and creative enticements:

Get “44 Ways To Seduce Your Next Client from Stage, Podcast, Radio, Virtual Summits and Virtual Networking” – $350 value >>>

Value: $350

🎅 Day 4 Gifts

FREE: “How to Win & Grow Corporate Clients” from Cass McCrory

Want to uplevel your business?

Work with Corporate Clients!

Selling to large organizations creates a new revenue stream, generates higher-ticket sales and creates more stability in your business…

But HOW do you sell into large global organizations?

In this PDF you’ll learn:

➡️ Why now is the right time to sell to organizations

➡️ What you specifically need to know to get started

➡️ 3 Keys to being successful when selling to corporate clients

Get “How to Win & Grow Corporate Clients” – a $500 value >>>

Value: $500

Free Gift: Get Susan Epstein’s Roadmap to 6 Figures

In Susan’s Roadmap to 6 Figures, you will learn exactly how to build a six-figure business with group coaching programs


➡️ Susan’s signature model for using groups & masterminds to create recurring monthly income

➡️ How to leverage your time with groups & masterminds

➡️ How to duplicate yourself & work less while making more

Get your free roadmap to 6 figures – a $997 value >>>

Value: $997

FREE: “Podcasting on Purpose” Masterclass from Jennifer Henczel

Discover the transformative power of podcasting in the “Podcasting on Purpose” Masterclass…

This exclusive event offers a comprehensive roadmap to launching your own impactful podcast with purpose. Jennifer will guide you through every step:

➡️ Uncover the benefits of podcasting, such as amplified visibility, increased influence, and a loyal community of listeners

➡️ Get actionable insights, real-world examples, and proven strategies to make your podcast a success

➡️ Access step-by-step podcast how-to, from conceptualization to audience engagement and beyond

Get the “Podcasting on Purpose” Masterclass – a $197 value >>>

Value: $197

🎅 Day 5 Gifts

FREE: “Ai-fy Your Business Guide” from AI & Business Growth Strategist Molly Mahoney

Ready to stand out in a crowded online world?

Molly’s guide, “Ai-ify Your Business,” is your treasure map to unlocking the hidden goldmine in your business…

We’ve demystified AI, making it:

➡️ Accessible
➡️ Fun
➡️ Incredibly practical

After creating a video that reached 1,000,000 people organically, Molly developed her “Go Live And Monetize” method helping businesses to get clients with video. By staying ahead of trends like AI and Chatbots, she remains on the cutting edge of what is coming next, receiving features in top industry publications.

Amplify your brand’s voice with “Ai-ify Your Business” – a $197 value >>>

Value: $197

Gift + Raffle: Get the Hot Offer Checklist & You Could WIN “Create, Price & Package Your High Ticket Offer” from Jennifer Diepstraten

Would you love to have an offer priced at $2K, $5K, $10K or more that people can’t WAIT to buy?

If ideal clients are slipping through your fingers…

…You may be missing one of the 19 essential elements to creating a clear, compelling high end offer.

Whether you’re selling online, on stage, or on the phone, Jennifer Diepstraten’s brand new Hot Offer Checklist is for you…

GIFT + RAFFLE: Grab the Hot Offer Checklist & be entered to WIN the “Create, Price & Package Your High Ticket Offer” course:

This course will guide you through how to package what you do into a gotta-have-it premium service that you love without giving any more time or freebies away – a $497 value >>>

Value: $197 + You Could WIN $497 in Coaching

Your Free Gift: Get 100 Viral Video Prompts from Nika Stewart

Stop the scroll with these proven video hooks designed to help you showcase your true self and unique brand story.

These viral prompts will help you:

➡️ Harness Your Strengths: Our prompts focus you on your expertise, allowing you to showcase your brilliance to your audience.

➡️ Boost Visibility: Stop the scroll and increase views so you can reach a wider audience with your attention-grabbing videos.

➡️ Save Time & Effort: Don’t spend hours brainstorming content. Simply choose from 100 ready-to-use ideas and start creating impactful videos.

Get “100 Viral Video Prompts” now – a $97 value >>>

Value: $97

🎅 Day 6 Gifts

Gift + Raffle: Get Pinterest Ads Training from Laura Rike & Be Entered to WIN the “Pinterest Profit Plan” Course

Are you overlooking an untapped goldmine?

Find out why Pinterest Ads are the rocket fuel your business needs…

Every day you delay, you’re losing potential eyeballs on your brand and, worse, potential revenue that could be yours. The clock is ticking and the Pinterest algorithm won’t wait for you.

But here’s the kicker: The golden era of Pinterest Advertising is not behind us; it’s happening RIGHT NOW…

Don’t miss the boat on this one:

Gift + Raffle: Turn Pinterest into a Profitable Lead-Generator AND be entered to WIN a Pinterest Profit Plan (value $397) – a customized strategy plan with plug -n-play directions to optimize your Pinterest account – a $397 value >>>

Value: $297 + You Could Win Pinterest Training

Gift + Raffle: Get “Rise Above The Rest” Slide Design Mini-Course & You Could WIN Slide Creation Training – from Brigette Callahan

Elevate your presentations instantly with our free video training course.

In five concise modules, learn the secrets to great slides that create quick retention and brain-pleasing content…

Once you use these techniques, you’ll be well on your way to creating great slides that your audience will LOVE.

Gift + Raffle: Grab Brigette’s 5-module mini-course & be automatically entered to WIN Brigette’s “5 Days to Stage” Bootcamp to create your stunning presentation slides – a $347 value >>>

Value: $197 + You Could WIN Slides Training

Gift + Raffle: Get a 30-Day Content Plan from Sherri-Lee Woycik and You Could WIN the “Viral Page Magic” Program

Tired of posting and getting little to no engagement?

Don’t know what to post to get great engagement?

Struggling to create the perfect content?

Struggle no more! The 30-Day Content Plan walks you through the exact how-to for posts that get great engagement WITHOUT you doing more.

Gift + Raffle: Get the 30-Day Content Plan & be automatically entered to WIN Sherri-Lee’s”Viral Page Magic” program where you will dive deep into your organic marketing strategy to get massive visibility from your content for more leads and sales – a $97 Value >>>

Value: $97 + You Could Win Marketing Training

🎅 Day 7 Gifts

$147 FREE COURSE: “From Procrastination to Productivity: Winning at Work & Life” from Tracy Roberts & Susan Meyers


“From Procrastination to Productivity” is a self-paced online course that teaches you proven techniques to overcome procrastination, boost your productivity & achieve your goals…

Learn how to:

➡️ Identify the root causes of your procrastination
➡️ Overcome the common barriers & excuses holding you back
➡️ Plan & prioritize your tasks effectively
➡️ Manage your time & energy efficiently
➡️ Stay focused & motivated throughout the day

Get a clear action plan to beat procrastination & become more productive in work & life – USE CODE BYY2023 AT CHECKOUT >>>

Value: $147 – Use Code BYY2023

Gift + Raffle: Get “Niche Discovery for Coaches” from Janelle Anderson & You Could WIN the Full “Niche Clarity Blueprint” Program

Want to be the coach everyone talks about?

This 5-part video course helps you find what you’re really good at & who you should coach…

Join now & get a proven roadmap to:

➡️ Identify your perfect audience & niche
➡️ Craft an ideal client avatar
➡️ Align with your unique strengths & passions as a coach

Be a coach who makes a real difference AND earns good money. This course is your key to success.

Gift + Raffle: Grab this gift & you’ll be automatically entered to WIN Janelle’s “Niche Clarity Blueprint,” a 6-week virtual course to discover your coaching sweet spot and craft a compelling message that resonates with your ideal clients – a $497 value >>>

Value: $198 + You Could Win a $497 Niching Course

FREE: Get the “Explode Your Audience Blueprint” from Lead Generation Specialist, Kristen Robinson

Wish you had a bigger email list?

The Explode Your Audience Blueprint shares Kristen Robinson’s 5 simple strategies to MASSIVELY grow your email list to your first (or next!) 1,000 email subscribers

Not only does the blueprint share Kristen’s 5 simple strategies, but also how to maximize each strategy wherever you are on your list building journey.

These are the exact same 5 strategies that Kristen used to grow her email list from nothing (or next to nothing) to 4,000+ email subscribers TWICE! – a $197 value >>>

Value: $197

FREE: “Entrepreneurial Storytelling to Dominate Your Market” from Al Jensen

Let’s face it: You have competitors who are offering essentially the same product or service as you…

How do you set yourself apart?

How do you differentiate yourself from the throngs of competitors making essentially identical offers?

How do you dominate your marketplace? With your STORY.

This program helps you:

➡️ Identify the best stories to tell for your market
➡️ Help you figure out where to share your story
➡️ and, a whole lot more

Uplevel your marketing & sales with better stories – a $197 value >>>

Value: $197

🎅 Day 8 Gifts

Gift + Raffle: Get the “Grow Your Facebook Group” Bundle from Christina Jandali & You Could WIN Her Full $8K Facebook Group Program

Here’s everything you get inside the Grow Your Group Bundle:

➡️ A fill-in-the-blank “Perfect Facebook Naming Formula” worksheet to help you find THE perfect group name that attracts your ideal clients

➡️ Christina’s “Irresistible Intro Post” template to kickstart group engagement and help prospects become clients

➡️ The 5-step “Grow Your Group” mini-course to start filling your group with soon-to be-buyers, not just freebie seekers.

Gift + Raffle: Get this gift & be automatically entered to win Christina’s “Leading a Kickass Facebook Group” Program – an $8K value >>>

Value: $497 + You Could Win an $8K Program

FREE: Content Visibility System + Free Extended Trial of Capsho, from Deirdre Tshien

Get the Ultimate Content Marketing Toolkit! Includes:

➡️ Your 14-day extended trial of Capsho, a tool to repurpose your podcast, vlog, or livestream recordings into enticing titles & descriptions, captivating social media captions, click-worthy emails and potent YouTube descriptions

➡️ The Capsho Content Visibility System: A 3-part quickstart guide to the 16 posts that will get your content seen by the right people on social media

➡️ A step-by-step masterclass on how to turn your long-form content into powerful clips that drive brand awareness & engagement

Amplify your message, engage your audience, and establish your expertise! Get access now to the Capsho extended trial plus content & visibility training – a $745 value >>>

Value: $745

FREE: Master 7 Sales Stressors to Confidently Win Clients & Create Cashflow for your Business, from Jane Garee

If you’re in business, you’re in sales… but what if you don’t want to be a full-time salesperson?

Selling doesn’t have to be stressful once you master the 7 stress factors that prevent clients from saying YES to working with you & stop you from doing the actual work you truly love…

In this easily digestible book, you’ll discover:

➡️ Why baggage from bad sales training is keeping you blocked
➡️ How to show up so you AND your prospect feel comfortable
➡️ How to reframe sales so you realize selling IS serving
➡️ BONUS live masterclass included

Grab “Unlocking Effortless Sales – Master 7 Sales Stressors to Confidently Win Clients & Create Cashflow for Your Business – $247 value >>>

Value: $247

🎅 Day 9 Gifts

Gift + Raffle: Grab Paula Rizzo’s Must-Have Video Equipment List & You Could WIN a Free Video Critique

Before you invest in fancy tech, grab this must-have video equipment list:

Emmy Winning TV Producer Paula Rizzo knows which equipment will get your message across and help you look your best on video…

Up your game on video and make a lasting impression with Paula’s guide:

➡️ Know what equipment is essential & what can wait
➡️ Have a reference as you grow your tech collection
➡️ Feel confident choosing which tech is best for you (some of it is free!)

Gift + Raffle: Grab the must-have video equipment list and you’ll be automatically entered to WIN Paula a critique of your 3-minute video! Paula will weigh in on your on-camera performance and how to improve – a $500 value >>>

Value: $49 + You Could Win a $500 Video Critque

Gift + Raffle: Get the “Perfect Book Outline Template” & You Could WIN a Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit, from Kim Galloway

The Perfect Book Outline Template has helped authors around the world get unstuck, clarify their messages, and finally write their book…


➡️ How craft your book outline in less than 30 mins so you can finally write your book in 2024

➡️ What to never do when writing your book outline (get this wrong & you’ll be stuck forever)

➡️ The one thing you need for your reader to walk away from your book genuinely transformed

➡️ The truth about writing your outline – it’s probably not what you think – and it can unlock your writing forever

➡️ What to never forget in your outline – leave this out and you’ll end up with a boring book

Gift + Raffle: Grab this gift & you’ll be automatically entered to win Kim’s Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit – a $197 value >>>

Value: $197 + You Could Win Publishing Training

Gift + Raffle: Get the “Community Temperature Check” + Mini-Course & You Could WIN Access to the Community Kick-Starter Program, from Jana Rohen

TWO-IN-ONE: First, this 30-page guide is the temperature check your community needs:

Get an understanding of where you are at & discover the 5 key steps to move from a slow-growing, disengaged group to a powerful, engaged community that helps you sell your products & courses.

Second: You also get free access to the “Community Boost” 3-Day Mini-Course designed to help you engage, motivate & drive impact in your community….

In just 20 minutes a day, you will be able to give your community the boost it needs to start driving profit and impact in your business.

Gift + Raffle: Get Jana’s gifts & be automatically entered to win a ticket to the full-day “Community Kickstarter” program. Add life, purpose & profit back into your community – a $497 value >>>

Value: $197 + You Could Win a $497 Program

🎅 Day 10 Gifts

Gift + Raffle: Get “How to Create Your Corporate Revenue Stream” from Jessica Lorimer & You Could WIN 1-on-1 Coaching

The average corporate (B2B) sale is worth FIVE TIMES as much as the average B2C sale…

In this 4-part video series, you’ll discover:

➡️ Who should sell to corporate clients (and whether it’ll be easy or difficult)

➡️ The markets & industries that are expected to boom in 2024 (and how to capitalize on it)

➡️ Which corporate selling styles work for YOUR offers and services

➡️ The sales mindset you need to be consistently profitable

➡️ The actual process my clients use repeatedly to generate corporate clients each month

Gift + Raffle: Get this gift & be automatically entered to WIN a 30 minutes 1-on-1 with Jessica – a $997 value >>>

Value: $497 + You Could Win $997 in Coaching

FREE: “7 Day Challenge Power Pack” from Pam Langord

Ready to skyrocket your online course launch? Add the “7-Day Challenge Power Pack” to your marketing toolkit:

➡️ 45 irresistible challenge ideas to captivate your audience

➡️ Challenge Blueprint Transform your thoughts into a 7-day client journey

➡️ “Marketing Magic” email & social templates save you oodles of time

➡️ Unique Instagram Reels & TikTok ideas to get your challenge the spotlight it deserves

➡️ Extra AI prompts to generate more tailored topic & promotion ideas for your audience

This pack makes challenge creation easy with done-for-you resources to deliver an effortless, show-stopping launch – a $147 value >>>

Value: $147

Gift + Raffle: Grab the Hybrid Group Checklist from Sean Stewart & You Could WIN Speaker Training

Get the proven process to replace your 1-on-1 & done-for-you services with a “Rolling Enrollment” Group Program:

Generate $30,000+ in monthly revenue for only 90 minutes of client delivery per week!

Sean D. Stewart is a transformational business coach & speaker with over 12 years of experience helping entrepreneurs create profitable businesses aligned with their core gifts.

Gift + Raffle: Get this gift & be automatically entered to WIN the “Crush your Signature Talk” program – a $497 value >>>

Value: $97 + You Could Win a $497 Speaker Training

🎅 Day 11 Gifts

FREE: Done-For-You Canva Goals Journal Template from Sidneyeve Matrix

Looking for the perfect bonus to enrich your course or an engaging handout for your next workshop?

This Canva-made goals journal template features over 30 pages of elegant goal planners, trackers & journal layouts, each infused with motivational quotes to inspire.

Choose from beautiful red or blue palettes; the journal bridges function and aesthetics. It offers not just a tool, but an emotional journey toward clarity and success.

Customization is effortless with Canva Pro—easily swap colors, images, and fonts to align with your brand. This premium yet accessible asset is designed to enhance the impact and value of your program:

Get “Elegant Canva Goals Journal Template” from Sidneyeve Matrix >>>

Value: $20

Gift + Raffle: Get “Easy AI Content Creation” from Amy Harrop & You Could WIN a Bonus Program

This 50-page guide reveals EASY methods for quick product creation with FREE AI tools:

➡️ 4 Ways to Use AI to Streamline Creation

➡️ 8 Easy Steps to Build a Content-Generation Machine

➡️ 4 Cool AI Tools for Pro Graphics

➡️ 5 New Ways to Outsource

➡️ And So Much More!

From brainstorming to AI strategies, this is everything “AI” you need in one one handy, easy-to-follow guide.

Gift + Raffle: Grab this gifft & be automatically entered to win Amy’s “Tips That Sell” training that shows you exactly how to create tip-based content to make money sharing what you already know about your favorite subjects – get it now >>>

Value: $27 + You Could Win a Bonus Program

FREE: Join the “Get January Clients 5-Day Challenge” From Your Event Co-Host, Kathryn Calhoun

“I’m in the energy of the rocket ship of the Get Clients in January vortex! I just made 2 new sales.” – Sasha

“I got an unexpected email this morning from a colleague asking for coaching. This is exciting!” – Patricia

“Thanks for the challenge! I’ve gotten 4 new clients this month! Yay!” – Mary

Join the 7th annual Get January Clients 5-Day Challenge (starts Jan 8, yes to replays):

The Goal: For you to get real, actual paying human clients into your business BEFORE January is through, even if you’re just starting out.

Save your spot in the Get January Clients 5-Day Challenge (starts Jan 8, yes to replays!) – $197 value >>>

Value: $197

🎅 Day 12 Gifts

Gift + Raffle: Build a Stand-Out Brand with Color Psychology & You Could WIN a Brand Review, from Jessie May Kezele

Did you know that color plays an important role in how you’re remembered, the types of clients you attract & even how much you can charge?

Get immediate access to the Power Profile quiz & mini-course to discover your top 3 “power” colors…

Once you know your ideal colors, you can use them in your branding, on your website & in your marketing materials to grow your following & fill your programs with your perfect clients.

Gift + Raffle: Get “Build a Stand-Out Brand with Color Psychology” & you’ll be automatically entered to WIN a brand review with Jessie May where she’ll review any aspect of your brand (it could be your website, messaging, colors, etc.) AND provide feedback about how to start seeing better results in your business – a $497 value >>>

Value: $47 + You Could Win a $497 Brand Review

FREE: Grab the “Daily Needle-Movers Cheat Sheet” from Joy Bufalini

The ONLY things you need to focus on to call in more clients are in this Cheat Sheet: 🎉

➡️ No more squirrels or shiny objects
➡️ No more scrolling social media endlessly
➡️ No more posting/emailing & hearing crickets

Instead, know EXACTLY what to focus on to call in more clients, more easily…

👉 Discover the 4 C’s of focus & your growth path will be SIMPLER & FASTER:

Spend your precious time on only the things that matter, such as serving your soul-aligned clients & calling more of them in. 💖

Download the Daily Needle-Movers Cheat Sheet now so you’ll always have the “simple path” handy – a $97 value >>>

Value: $97

FREE: Turn One Article Into 30+ Promotional Items Using AI, From Your Event Co-Host, Jennifer Dunham

Create over 30+ pieces of promotional content from just one article using this step-by-step guide & included action sheets…

Inside Your How-To Guide:

➡️ Stop reinventing the wheel – easily leverage the content that’s right in front of you

➡️ Spend less time “getting out there”… Increase your visibility with ease & consistency

​➡️ How to nurture your leads so you can turn them into future sales

Your guide now includes an ALL-NEW AI Content Idea Generator! Create How To Guides, Video Scripts, Email Courses, Quizzes, Checklists… and so much more! – a $197 value >>>

Value: $197

🎅Surprise! Bonus Day 13 Gifts

Free From Milana Leshinsky: Get “Design Your First Coaching Program in Just 5 Days” & You Could WIN Group Coaching Software

Every coach needs a HOT coaching program to attract more clients & scale their business…

In this 5-day course you’ll get the step-by-step for how to design, structure, and deliver your own profitable group coaching program from scratch:

➡️ Module 1: Choosing Your Topic
➡️ Module 2: Creating Your Content Outline
➡️ Module 3: Choosing Your Coaching Format
➡️ Module 4: Creating a Sense of Community
➡️ Module 5: Delivering Your Program

Milana has created, launched & delivered over 100 group coaching programs, which generated almost 8 million dollars in revenue. She knows exactly what clients are looking for when they sign up for coaching programs & what stops you from creating your own program!

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Free From Rob Goyette: Full “Fast Revenue Copywriting” Program

Discover simple copywriting tricks to:

➡️ Build & nurture a big email list

➡️ Sell to your list via email

➡️ Create simple 3-day email campaigns that boost conversions so you get more customers quickly

WARNING: This model is different than all the other approaches out there because it works FAST. Clients sign up for programs at the end of a 3-day email campaign. Most coaches are seeing money in their bank account within 4 days of implementing.

Rob Goyette has been supporting coaches since 2007. He’s been on the team of many leaders in the coaching niche and is best known for his 15-minute laser coaching model.

Ready to reclaim your time and attract and convert clients more easily than ever before? Download your free training – a $297 value >>>


Value: $297

FREE From Stu McLaren: How to Launch a Successful & Profitable Membership Site

Get the secrets of building a successful membership site from the world’s leading membership site expert, Stu McLaren…


➡️ Attract an awesome community of members

➡️ Step off the content creation treadmill

➡️ Choose the best pricing model (so you can actually make money!)

➡️ …and MUCH more!

Ready to reclaim your time and attract a large following of paying members? Download your free guide >>>

Value: $197

Special Thanks to You and…

Raised for Village Impact & Other Charities So Far

Village Impact brings education & entrepreneurship to children in rural Kenya: You being here helps build a movement can change the destiny of a child, a family, a community, a country and the world. Thank you.

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