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🎅 Day 1 Gifts

FREE: “Mini Innercise Brain Re-Training Audios” from John Assaraf

Innercise™ is the #1 audio-based brain training program that leverages the latest neuroscience breakthroughs and 10 years of cutting-edge research to optimize your brain so you achieve your goals…

These brain training Innercises provide you a great resource to strengthen your mindset and upgrade your mental and emotional skills…

Having more control of your mindset and emotions will allow you to achieve your biggest goals and dreams faster and easier than ever before.

Over 100,000 People Innercise™ Daily Worldwide!

Get John Assaraf’s “Mini Innercise Brain Re-Training Audios” here >>>

Value: $197

Gift + Raffle: Get the Hot Offer Checklist & You Could WIN “Create, Price & Package Your High Ticket Offer” from Jennifer Diepstraten

Would you love to have an offer priced at $2K, $5K, $10K or more that people can’t WAIT to buy?

If ideal clients are slipping through your fingers…

…You may be missing one of the 19 essential elements to creating a clear, compelling high end offer.

Whether you’re selling online, on stage, or on the phone, Jennifer Diepstraten’s brand new Hot Offer Checklist is for you…

GIFT + RAFFLE: Grab the Hot Offer Checklist & be entered to WIN the “Create, Price & Package Your High Ticket Offer” course:

This course will guide you through how to package what you do into a gotta-have-it premium service that you love without giving any more time or freebies away – a $497 value >>>

Value: $197 + You Could WIN $497 in Coaching

Gift + Raffle! Get “Top 200 Social Media Engagement Posts” from Molly Mahoney


When it comes to creating content… most people either think only about the sale, or they use a plug and play system without looking at their own business and life.

We give you more than just the examples and the framework…

We dive into the intention and the objective behind each step so you can begin to create your own specific content marketing plan that works for your business and more importantly your life!

Get Molly Mahoney’s top 200 social media engagement posts now >>>

Value: $197

🎅 Day 2 Gifts

FREE: Get “Make Money with your Message” from Sage Lavine

IN THIS 5-STEP TRAINING you’ll discover…

➡️ How to clarify your message so endless clients will pay you

➡️ A proven, heart-based method for identifying the group of people who most want what you have to offer

➡️ The 10 step system for creating marketing materials for your ideal clients to fill your practice, sell out your programs and events, lead workshops & rock your business

➡️ How to answer the question, “What do you do?” from a place of inner alignment that has people excited to hire you

➡️ The formula for choosing and committing to an evolutionary niche as demonstrated by industry experts

Get Sage Lavine’s “Make Money With Your Message” Training now >>>

Value: $1,297

Gift + Raffle: Get “Futureproof Your Business” from Thembi Bheka & You Could WIN a Website Home Page or Landing Page Redesign

Top VISIONARIES Reveal the Secrets for Thriving in Uncertain Times:

During this event, you’ll hear from experts including Jeff Walker, Dean Graziosi, Shanda Sumpter, Bari Baumgartner and more on how they navigate uncertain times to thrive.

The last few years have dramatically changed the game for online business – and more changes are coming…

Don’t miss the “Futureproof Your Business” Livestream hosted by Thembi Bheka >>>

Value: $97 + You Could Win a $5,000 Landing/Home Page Redesign

FREE: Get “Masterclass: Create a Sizzling (Author) Online Profile” from Donna Kozik

Readers want to be wooed…are you doing enough to attract them?

Your book needs a large “dating pool”… Are you bringing on the va-va-va-VOOM?

How can you turn up the volume on your book’s sex appeal? And your own message?

There’s a TON of competition to get your book bought–and read! It’s up to you to work all the angles and take every advantage you can to get readers to say YES!

During this masterclass conducted by a USA Today bestselling author Donna Kozik, you will receive templates and instructions to create a compelling “dating profile” for your book to make readers line up to buy it (after they’re done swooning!) – a $399 value >>>

Value: $399

🎅 Day 3 Gifts
FREE Crash Course: 6 Figures in 6 Months from Shameca Tankerson

You don’t have to make more money, you have to learn how to make money faster!

In the 6 Figures in 6 Months powerhouse sales mastermind, Shameca Tankerson reveals the cash-creation strategies she used to quickly scale from $70k years to $100k months.

You’ll get:

➡️ Over 5 hours of exclusive video content normally only available to Shameca’s private clients

➡️ Proven business strategies and sales framework to collapse time and attract high-paying “buy now” clients

➡️ Strategies to make it almost impossible not to hit your financial goals again and again

Get the 6 Figures in 6 Months Crash Course NOW – a $494 value >>>

Value: $494

Gift + Raffle: Get “Intuitive Decision Making Skills for Entrepreneurs” from Intuition Coach & Tarot Reader Jenna Roberts & You Could WIN a Free Tarot Reading & Intuition Coaching Session

As the CEO of your business, you can’t afford to be limited by anxiety in decision-making…

Quality leadership is about being open-minded and seeing possibilities. Through lateral thinking techniques and whole-bodied mindful engagement, become more certain in your choices.

Access a true flow state where you engage with your best possible life with solid tips to increase your intuition and deepen your interpersonal connections with clients and colleagues.

GIFT + RAFFLE: Grab Jenna’s gift and be entered to WIN a tarot reading to pinpoint fresh clarity on the questions that constrict you AND Intuition Coaching to identify the most useful tools to attune with your best business instincts. >>>


Value: $27 + You Could Win a $128 Tarot Reading and Intuition Coaching Session

FREE: Get “Website Legal Docs for Online Biz Owners” from your lawyer friend, Valerie Del Grosso

Most website policies (like a disclaimer, terms and conditions, and privacy policy) are stale, boring documents that do nothing for anyone…

…But these custom-drafted legal documents help:

➡️ Win chargebacks when wishy-washy clients don’t do the work

➡️ Let prospects know exactly what to expect when they sign up for your list

➡️ (Okay – yes!) Have just enough boilerplate to make sure you’re meeting your legal obligations, too

…PLUS get access to Valerie’s most popular (and actually enjoyable) trainings on LLC setup, beating refund requests, insurance, and more >>>

Value: $197
🎅 Day 4 Gifts

Gift + Raffle! Get “Transformational Author Experience” from Christine Kloser & You Could Win a “Get Your Book Done” Online Course

This recorded LIVE 1-day workshop is for business owners, professionals and thought leaders, with an urgent desire to share their wisdom, stories, and information in a written and published book in the next 12 months:

Learn from the world’s leading Transformational Author Coach and best-selling publisher, Christine Kloser…

Walk away with clarity, confidence, focus, inspiration…and a PLAN to get your life-changing book written, published, and marketed in the next 12 months.

RAFFLE: Get Christine’s gift and you could win lifetime access to the “Get Your Book Done” online course! >>>

Value: $297 + You Could Win a $997 Online Course

FREE: Get “F*ck The Hustle” from The Entrepreneur Coach, Bri Seeley

You didn’t become an entrepreneur to overwork yourself and burn out…

You started your business to thrive, make an impact and create freedom for yourself. While hustle culture may tell us to to work 38 hours a day, 11 days a week, 72 weeks a year, it is simply not necessary to work this much.

The truth is, you can take 2-3 effective actions a day and create a thriving, profitable business. Learn:

➡️ Exactly what actions to take to make your business thrive

➡️ How to structure your day so you have actual balance

➡️ The mindset you need to succeed without overworking >>>

Value: $225

FREE: Get “Value-Based Pricing” from Vanessa Shaw

Learning how to charge what your services are truly worth is a critical business skill to develop…

…Yet many business owners still fall into the trap of undercharging.

When you get this right you will effortlessly enjoy your highest financial months yet! No need to undercharge or trade time for money again!

Get Vanessa Shaw’s “Value-Based Pricing” training now >>>

Value: $197

🎅 Day 5 Gifts

Gift + Raffle! Get “The Path to Productivity” from Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers + You Could Win a 1-Year “Mini Trio PLR Content” Membership

Your audience NEEDS you, so it’s important that you are consistently publishing new information for them to consume…

This bundle includes 80 professionally written articles along with an email to go with every article.

If you take away the “stall” that happens when you start creating content, you get to implement, execute, grow, and make money right away…

Use all of this pre-written content as is OR edit it to fit your niche and business requirements!

RAFFLE: Grab this bundle and be entered to win a 1-year “Mini Trio PLR Content” Membership (Value $564) >>>

Value: $255 + You Could Win PLR Membership

FREE: Get Your “VIP Day Cheat Sheet” from Amy Yamada

For Established Coaches, Experts, & Influencers:

Want a quick, fun, and easy way to create a revenue boost from your existing audience, WITHOUT running ads or creating another complicated funnel?

Discover the secrets multiple 6-figure coaches use to create, promote, and sell high ticket VIP day offers to their existing email lists….

This cheat sheet gives you the exact steps you need to easily create, promote, and your own 10K+ VIP Day and LOVE doing it!

Get Amy’s VIP Day Cheat Sheet now ($1,000 value) >>>

Value: $1,000

FREE: Get “Checklist Profits” from the Content Savvy Expert, Amy Harrop

“Checklist Profits” is a no-fluff, quick-read curriculum that walks you through 10 lessons for creating checklists to sell to hungry buyers…

This is a great course if you want to earn extra income or start a business that creates passive, full-time income for you and your family.

➡️ Learn exactly how to quickly create high-value, sellable checklists about topics you love.

➡️ Get dozens of examples of every critical step so you can understand how to start from scratch & end with a ready-to-sell checklist set.

➡️ Complete actual “assignments” to immediately make progress toward your sales goals. >>>

Value: $27

🎅 Day 6 Gifts

Gift + Raffle: Get “Empathic Tools for the Entrepreneur” from Marilyn Alauria & You Could WIN a 2-Question Email Reading

Business is about people: their hopes, their fears, their perceptions, and their emotional responses.

Empathy involves our hearts AND our heads. If you:

➡️ Notice little things impeding your ability to power ahead
➡️ Feel like your offer isn’t enough
➡️ Discount your work to make it accessible to everyone
➡️ Leave meetings feeling drained of your energy…

…DON’T SHUT IT DOWN! You can have it both ways.

These tools will help you:

✅ Be empowered in a meeting when you pick up someone’s energy
✅ Safely enter a conversation with an open-heart
✅ Maintain your BALANCE on stage and not pick up people’s energy >>>

Value: $497 + You Could Win a Reading by Email

FREE: Get the “Explode Your Audience Blueprint” from Lead Generation Specialist, Kristen Robinson

Wish you had a bigger email list?

The Explode Your Audience Blueprint shares Kristen Robinson’s 5 simple strategies to MASSIVELY grow your email list to your first 1,000 email subscribers…

Not only does the blueprint share Kristen’s 5 simple strategies but also how to maximize each strategy wherever you are on your list building journey.

These are the same 5 strategies that Kristen used to grow her email list from nothing (or next to nothing) to 4,000+ email subscribers TWICE! >>>

Value: $197

FREE: Get the “Savvy Speaker Guide to Creating Your Professional Speaker Sheet”  from Networking & Sales Coach, Marie Fratoni

Create your specially-designed and branded professional Speaker Sheet, to use when marketing yourself to organizations, associations and communities…

Give Event Planners what they need for you to be considered for their next event…

Marie Fratoni coaches business owners to become savvy and successful with networking and speaking.

Her proven step-by-step speaker sheet guide will help you land more gigs – a $197 value >>>

Value: $197
🎅 Day 7 Gifts

Gift + Raffle! Get “Profit Explosion Bundle” from Faith Hawks & You Could Win 1 Month Access to Becoming Boss Mastermind

The Profit Explosion Bundle is stuffed full of resources to help you make more money with your business WITHOUT working more hours. It includes:

➡️ Bosses Make BANK: a series where you create results in your business WITHOUT working harder

➡️ Audience Growth & Profit Tracker

➡️ Sales Page Map

➡️ Big Money Pep Talks

GIFT + RAFFLE: We will pick one person who grabs the Profit Explosion Bundle to win a free month inside the Becoming Boss Mastermind where you will get live business coaching, simple strategy and more >>>

Value: $197 + You Could Win 1 Month Mastermind Access

Gift + Raffle! : Get “Write Your True Story” E-Book and Writing Series” from the Transformational Writing Coach, Dawn Montefusco & You Could Win a 45-Minute Coaching Session

Write your true story and attract hundreds of readers, fans and clients…

This powerful 60-page book will help you write your true story in a way that will attract your people AND keep your readers engaged…

Look for the special code on the 1st page of the book – it will give you access to the powerful interview series, “Write Your True Story: How to Use Your Story to Grow Your Business, Inspire Millions and Leave a Legacy.”

In this interview series Dawn interviews 21 successful coaches, bestselling authors and entrepreneurs who tell their secrets on how they used their true stories to build their 6- and 7-figure businesses.

GIFT + RAFFLE: Grab your gifts & be automatically entered to win 45 minutes of coaching with Dawn – a $597 value >>>

Value: $29 + You Could Win $597 in Coaching

FREE: Get “52 Weeks of Planned Email Ideas” from Kim Carson-Richards and Kat Halushka

Building an email list is great but what comes next?!

The struggle to come up with ideas to engage your new community and have them potentially turn into paying clients can be a frustrating struggle. 😩

That’s why after having so many clients ask us for help, we built this gift of 52 tested email content ideas to help you make it easier to get conversions while building your community.

You’re getting a year’s worth of ideas (if you email once a week) plus some best practices to increase your email open rates. >>>

Value: $47

🎅 Day 8 Gifts

Gift + Raffle! Get “Become The Authority With Your Best-Selling Book, FAST!” from Mary Silver & You Could Win a Strategy Call

Easily write your best-selling book using strategies laid out for you in this comprehensive workbook and video training!

➡️ Finally be SEEN as an authority

➡️ Choose your award winning topic so that it flies off the shelf

➡️ Make your book stand out and market it with ease

➡️ Create your masterpiece filled with your very best stuff that will knock the socks off your readers

➡️ Amplify your message by putting it all together and get ready to hit best-seller status

GIFT + RAFFLE: Get Mary’s gift and be automatically entered to WIN 1 of 5 “Author Authority” Strategy Calls – a $500 value >>>

Value: $297 + You Could Win $500 in Strategy Call

FREE from Christine Gallagher: How to Scale to 6-7 Figures With Only 2 Intentional Offers (Without Lots of Sales Calls or Big Launches!)

In this powerful training, Christine walks you through exactly how her clients sign up high ticket, quality clients in minutes through DM and email:

➡️ How to create a Front End “Flagship” offer – a short-term, high-end program that is also a feeder for signing up clients in your $20k-$50k+ ongoing offers

➡️ How to get your Soulmate clients to easily say YES to your high ticket offers without sales calls or complicated launches

➡️ How to scale to $30K+ months in less time without all the typical marketing hoopla

Get “How to Scale to 6-7 Figures Without a Lot of Launches or Sales Calls” – $397 value >>>

Value: $397

GIFT + RAFFLE: The Ultimate Guide To Your First TEDx Talk, from Amy Mewborn + You Could WIN Amy’s Business Book Bundle

Have you always wanted to give a TEDx talk?

Do you feel like you have ideas worth spreading?

Are you uncertain how to make that a reality?

In this free video training and ultimate guide, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to get the visibility and platform of the TEDx stage, and then how to maximize it AFTER the event for maximum credibility!

If you’re ready to hit the world’s biggest stage – LET’S DO THIS! It’s your time!

GIFT + RAFFLE: Grab this TedX How-To + be automatically entered to WIN Amy’s favorite business building book bundle >>>

Value: $180 + You Could Win $75 in Business Books

🎅 Day 9 Gifts

Gift + Raffle! Get “Take Your Business to New Heights” from Stacey Mayo + You Could Win the Energized Manifesting Deck Program

If you aren’t as successful as you want to be, there are unconscious blocks that can be cleared energetically…

These 2 short, gentle clearing audios with Stacey Mayo are infused with special Master Level healing energies and attunements to help you clear these blocks and:

➡️ Get clarity about the best ways to grow your business with ease
➡️ Accelerate your business income and
➡️ Open your hidden business genius

After listening to these gentle clearing audios, you will find yourself naturally doing things to have you be more successful!

GIFT + RAFFLE: Grab these clearing audios free and be automatically entered to WIN Stacey’s Energized Manifesting Deck Program to uplevel your manifesting abilities >>>

Value: $297 + You Could Win Manifesting Training

FREE: Expert Positioning Success – from Debbie Allen

This training shows you how to:

➡️ Build and grow a highly profitable 6-7 figure business

➡️ Position yourself as THE go-to expert

➡️ Create multiple income streams for ease in your business

Get Expert Positioning Success Now – a $100 value >>>

Value: $100

Gift + Raffle! Get “Rise Above The Rest” Slide Design Mini-Course & You Could WIN Slide Template Training – from Brigette Callahan

This 5-part video training walks you through how to create great slides using the high-level distinctions of quick retention and brain-pleasing content…

Once you use these techniques, you’ll be well on your way to creating great slides that your audience will LOVE.

GIFT + RAFFLE: Grab Brigette’s mini-course & be automatically entered to WIN “Slides That Sell: Create Your Custom Plug-and-Play Slide Templates” – a $297 value >>>

Value: $187 + You Could Win $297 in Template

🎅 Day 10 Gifts
Gift + Raffle! Get “Attraction Marketing: Power of Pinterest” from Laura Rike & You Could WIN a $397 Pinterest Profit Plan

Are you spending more than one hour a day seeking out new people to talk to about your opportunity or services?

Do you struggle to find or bring in clients that you truly LOVE working with?

Laura’s Pinterest Attraction Marketing PDF today has helped clients and students bring in over $50k in monthly revenue…

…And many have become become industry leaders with 6-figure businesses that are growing sustainably by ranking on the first page of Google and getting targeted email leads daily.

The first step starts with ACTION: Download this free gift, do the steps & watch the traffic, email signups & moolah FLOW IN.

GIFT + RAFFLE: Get this gift & be entered to WIN the Pinterest Profit Plan course from Laura Rike – $397 value >>>

Value: $97 + You Could Win a $397 in Pinterest Help

Gift + Raffle! Get “CIA Spy Secrets to Making Goals Work For You” from Martha Wilson & You Could WIN “Inner Work Bootcamp”

Clear your head and go for your goals with power and confidence…

De-bug your “inner GPS” so you take consistent, meaningful action minus the overwhelm and burnout…

Turn down the stress of putting yourself out there and keep moving forward no matter what.

GIFT + RAFFLE: Get “CIA Spy Secrets to Making Goals Work for You” and you’ll also be entered to win The Inner Work™ Bootcamp Home Study:

Expand your capacity, be more resilient, and get your “happy” back so you can FINALLY make the difference you wanted to make! Get your gift + raffle entry now – a $1,997 value >>>

Value: $497 + You Could Win $1,997 in Training

Gift + Raffle! Get “6 Figure Course Plan 5-Day Challenge” + You Could Win a LifterLMS Lifetime License from Chris Badgett

Create your money-making course plan in just 5 days so you can confidently launch your online course without wasting time and money…

The 6 Figure Course Plan Challenge will help you achieve the following in 5 days in less than 1 hour per day:

➡️ Clarify your course creator purpose and vision
➡️ Discover your ideal customer avatar
➡️ Create your exact money generating offer your market desperately needs
➡️ Overcome overwhelm with a step by step system to construct the perfect course outline
➡️ Guarantee your 6 figure course success

GIFT + RAFFLE: When you get your gift, you’re also entering a raffle to win a free LifterLMS lifetime software license worth $9,999 >>>

Value: $1,000 + You Could Win a Lifetime Software License Worth $9,999

🎅 Day 11 Gifts

GIFT + Raffle! Get “Quit Prospecting, Get Referred” + You Could Win 6-Figure Success Blueprint Session (1 on 1) from Virginia Muzquiz

“Quit Prospecting, Get Referred” will help you define your perfect niche, attract your ideal avatar and discover the secret to creating a network of referring fans so you have the money to do what you love and the time to enjoy it!

Your gift includes: Lifetime access to the Quit Prospecting, Get Referred eLearning portal, mentorship through Virginia’s private Get Connected Facebook group AND a laser coaching call with a Master Connectors coach.

GIFT + RAFFLE: Grab this gift and be entered to WIN a 6-Figure Success Blueprint Session, one-on-one with Virginia! $497 value >>>

Value: $297 + You Could Win $497 in 1-on-1 Coaching

GIFT +RAFFLE: Get “10 Ingredients of an Irresistible Offer” from the Spiritual Business Strategist, Carol Ann DeSimine & You Could Win a “Human Design Power Words” Reading

Your messaging is the ONE thing that will make clients an easy YES when it comes to filling your offers. Including these 10 ingredients improves the effectiveness of your marketing and….

➡️ Establishes the value of your offer
➡️ Positions you as the go-to expert
➡️ Painlessly addresses pain points
➡️ Builds the know, like and trust factor
➡️ Pre-handles the most common objections

…and, of course, helps you to make more sales!

GIFT + RAFFLE: Grab “10 Ingredients of an Irresistible Offer” and you will be automatically entered to WIN a “Human Design Power Words” Reading with Carol Ann – a $497 value >>>

Value: $197 + You Could Win a $497 Reading

Sell Printables Without a Shop from Online Business Coach, Faith Lee

One of the easiest way to start making money online is to sell printables…

Here’s a step-by-step course that teaches you how to start selling printables and make money online WITHOUT having to set up a shop!

“But what if I don’t even have anything to sell?”

Don’t worry! Faith has you covered! In this gift, Faith ALSO shows you how to create your very first printables in both PowerPoint and Canva.

You will also receive PowerPoint and Canva templates to help you kickstart your printable creation process and make your first dollar from selling digital products online fuss-free! >>>

Value: $47

🎅 Day 12 Gifts

Gift + Raffle: Get the “Quick Cash Injection Bundle” & You Could WIN Leading a KickAss Facebook Group – from Christina Jandali

Discover how to show up confidently online, deliver tons of value and make working with you an absolute no-brainer!

➡️ Quick Cash Injection – Create sales on demand to increase your sales conversions

➡️ Objection Busting Scripts – What to say to overcome objections on an enrollment call and turn a no into a yes

➡️ Chats that Convert – Swipe files you can use to authentically create high ticket buyers through your DM’s

GIFT + RAFFLE: Grab this gift & you’ll be entered to WIN “Leading a Kickass Group,” the ultimate program to build a super-connected community that converts like crazy in 60 days or less – an $8,000 value >>>

Value: $497 + You Could Win $8,000 in Facebook Group Training

Gift + Raffle! Get Kim’s Kickass Publishing Checklist & You Could WIN the Full “Finally Write Your Book” Course

In This 3-page checklist, you’ll learn…

➡️ Self-publishing is free, right? WRONG! There are costs to budget for – and I’ll show you what are the must-outsource steps.

➡️ What to never do when you’re prepping your book for publishing. (If you get this wrong, your book will suffer from lack-luster sales.)

➡️ If you do this one thing, your reader will buy your book – and share it with a friend.

➡️ The truth about marketing your book – it’s not what you think – and it unlocks your message, reach, and sales.

➡️ What to never forget in your book layout. Leave this out and you’ll be leaving money on the table.

GIFT + RAFFLE: Grab Kim’s gift and you’ll be automatically entered to win a spot in the full “Finally Write Your Book” course – a $997 value >>>

Value: $197 + You Could Win a $997 Book Writing Course

Gift+ Raffle! Get “Message Litmus Test” & You Could WIN the “a Message Makeover with Cindy Schulson

Lack of a clear message is the #1 challenge that stops most coaches from attracting their ideal clients.

But how do you know if your message is effective?

Get this free Message Litmus Test and discover the 10 criteria for a message that captivates your ideal clients…

You’ll also get a BONUS video training that shows you how to create a Magnetic Message.

GIFT + RAFFLE: Grab Cindy’s “Message Litmus Test” gift and you’ll be entered to WIN a Message Makeover with Cindy – a $1,200 value >>>

Value: $297 + You Could Win $1,200 in Coaching

🎅Surprise! Bonus Day 13 Gifts

FREE From Rob Goyette: Fast Revenue Copywriting

Discover simple copywriting tricks to:

➡️ Build & nurture a big email list

➡️ Sell to your list via email

➡️ Create simple 3-day email campaigns that boost conversions so you get more customers quickly

Rob Goyette has been supporting coaches since 2007. He’s been on the team of many leaders in the coaching niche and is best known for his 15-minute laser coaching model.

Ready to reclaim your time and attract and convert clients more easily than ever before? Download your free training – a $997 value >>>

Value: $997

GIFT + RAFFLE From Liam Austin: Get “Event To Client Funnel + 7 Steps To Create Your Predictable Income System Bundle” & You Could Win “Quick Workshop Win” Training

Struggling to get enough high-quality leads and sales? Get the formula inviting strategic partners AND a marketing system to build a following of raving fans…

PLUS: The #1 mistake virtual event hosts make is they don’t set up a post-event funnel… They’re leaving a lot of money on the table!

That’s why this bundle also includes a proven-to-work 4-step funnel to turn your virtual event attendees into paying clients for your high-ticket offers.

GIFT + RAFFLE Grab this gift + be automatically entered to win “Quick Workshop Win,” Liam’s proven workshop system to generate high-paying clients quickly, consistently & on autopilot – a $497 value >>>

Value: $497 & You Could Win $497 in Workshop

FREE From Stu McLaren: How to Launch a Successful & Profitable Membership Site

Get the secrets of building a successful membership site from the world’s leading membership site expert, Stu McLaren…


➡️ Attract an awesome community of members

➡️ Step off the content creation treadmill

➡️ Choose the best pricing model (so you can actually make money!)

➡️ …and MUCH more!

Ready to reclaim your time and attract a large following of paying members? Download your free guide >>>

Value: $197
🎅 Surprise! Bonus Day 14 Gifts

GIFT + RAFFLE from Marisa Murgatroyd: Get “Videos That Sell” & You Could WIN Marisa’s “Personal Brand Power” Program

Here’s what you’ll learn inside “Videos That Sell: How to Use Videos to Tell a Show-Stopping Story & Add More Zeros to Your Business:”

➡️ How to create simple videos that catch and keep your audience’s attention – and their wallets – without needing a big budget, a super fancy camera or a Hollywood cinematographer.

➡️ The 8-character approach to video storytelling that’ll help keep your audience spellbound & engaged from the first frames of your videos. They won’t be able to look away even if they tried!

➡️ The little-known ‘character’ ignored by 99% of marketing & sales videos that can instantly hook your audience.

Gift + Raffle! Grab “Videos That Sell” now & you’ll be entered to WIN Marisa’s “Personal Brand Power” program a $997 value >>>

Value: $200 + You Could Win a $997 Course

FREE from Nathalie Lussier: 30-Day List-Building Challenge

Build your email list more in the next 30 days than you have in the last 3 months:

Nathalie’s giving away her 30-Day List Building Challenge that includes:

➡️ Easy, actionable daily tips to grow your email list

➡️ Video mini-modules to show you exactly what to do

➡️ Cheat sheets & checklists to keep you on track

Start growing your email list right now with Nathalie Lussier’s 30-Day List-Building Challenge >>>

Value: $197

FREE FROM YOUR HOSTS: Want to Run Your Own Giveaway? LIVE Giveaway Planning Masterclass with Jennifer & Kathryn

Your giveaway hosts, Kathryn & Jennifer, put together THE essential Giveaway Planning Masterclass to show you:

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Raised for Village Impact & Other Charities So Far

Village Impact brings education & entrepreneurship to children in rural Kenya: You being here helps build a movement can change the destiny of a child, a family, a community, a country and the world. Thank you.

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