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INSTRUCTIONS: Giveaway is now closed for 2019. See you in 2020!

FOR RAFFLES: Prizes are currently being drawn and will be announced on or about Dec. 24.

🎅 Day 12 Gifts

FREE: The LIVE VIDEO Client Attraction Content Planner from Molly Mahoney, Digital Growth Strategist

If you don't have qualified leads in your business, it doesn't matter how amazing your product is, or how great you are at selling.

You'll have no one to sell it to!

Live video is THE BEST way to build ONE-ON-ONE RELATIONSHIPS that scale so you can attract a flood of leads who are ready to throw credit cards at your face.

However, most people are not using it strategically.

Use this content planner to create a strategic client creation video plan so you can start attracting the right leads today >>>

Value: $197

3 Top-Secret Tweaks You Can Instantly Make to Your LinkedIn Profile to Get You Found on Google PLUS Win LinkedIn Training from LinkedIn Expert TR Garland

What would your business look like if you got more PROSPECTS, PARTNERS & PLATFORMS?

(…Using nothing but your free LinkedIn profile...)

Let me show you how: 21 lucky winners will get my entire 10-Day Fast Start Program that includes...

  • Done-For-You Text & Graphic Templates
  • 2 LinkedIn Quick Tips
  • 2 Live Webinar Workshops

As you can see, this is far beyond a simple “cheat sheet.” It's an actual live program where you learn my proven 3-step system for helping you finally turn your LinkedIn CONNECTIONS into CURRENCY.

Everyone who enters the raffle gets to download a special report right now that will teach you how to use a little-known strategy to get found on the FRONT PAGE of Google and LinkedIn Search.

Applying this strategy takes less than 10 minutes! >>>

Gift + Raffle! You Could Win a $797 Scholarship

Don't Forget Your Gift from Your Event Hosts! Join the LIVE Giveaway How-To Masterclass with Jennifer Dunham & Kathryn Calhoun

Want to run a giveaway like this one?

Giveaways are one of the easiest ways to get your business in front of 1000s of new leads, make JV connections AND grow your email list.

The bad news? Without the right structure, running a giveaway can be a headache - a monstrous task with lackluster results.

Your giveaway hosts, Kathryn & Jennifer, put together THE essential Giveaway How-To Masterclass to show you:

> 3 surprising nuances that make our giveaways so successful

> The top 3 disastrous mistakes to avoid for a giveaway that gives you street cred & builds your list quickly with 1,000+ new leads

> Our exact giveaway planning checklist & timeline to pull of a polished giveaway with zero guesswork

Snag your spot & peek behind the curtain with Jennifer & Kathryn's LIVE Giveaway How-To Masterclass - a $497 value >>>

Value: $497

🎅 Bonus! Day 13 Gifts: Surprises from Margaret Lynch, Jay Fiset & Milana Leshinsky!

From Margaret Lynch Raniere: Free Chakra Course - Unleash Your Firehose of Energy, Enthusiasm & Action

When you have blocked 2nd chakra energy, life is all about hard work, lots of giving and sacrificing and very little reward.

(Not to mention a total lack of passion and energy!)

Instead of soldiering on…

Let Margaret Lynch show you how to open and unleash YOUR sacred 2nd chakra energy so you can:

> Finally feel deeply powerful and courageous
> Have abundant energy to take action
> Discover the pure aliveness of being open to receiving all good things - including more money, more love, more joy, more pleasure! >>>

Value: $497

From Jay Fiset, Founder of JVology - Escape The Marginal Success Trap: 5 Question Business Assessment

Do you have a MARGINALLY successful business?

You know it is working far too well to quit...

...But not quite good enough for healthcare, holidays, kids' university, or the real freedom you dreamt of when you started your business.

In this Online Mini-Course Jay Fiset will share with you:

  • How to spot if you're stuck in the marginal success trap
  • The 5 key pillars you must use to evaluate your business
  • What you can do right now to break the cycle of marginal success so you finally have a business that truly supports you >>>


Value: $497

From Milana Leshinsky: Discover Your Natural Marketing Personality So You Actually LOVE Marketing Your Stuff!

Since starting her online coaching business, Milana Leshinsky has made over $8 million in revenue and helped almost 20K coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs create their dream businesses.

Her secret sauce: designing your marketing based on your personality.

If you’ve been operating outside of your unique marketing personality, you are probably working way too hard to get results.

Milana's Unique Marketing Personality™ Method ($497 value) helps you discover your natural marketing style so you can create the most effective, most natural marketing strategy for you.

You shouldn’t have to change to fit your business. Change your business to fit you. >>>

Value: $497

🎅 Bonus! Day 14 Gifts: Surprises from Rich German, Suzanne Evans & Eva Gregory

Grab Rich German's "How to Get Known Now" Action Guide - Get Found & Get Clients in 2020!

Ever wish it was easier to get your business in front of your ideal clients?

Rich German has created a super-simple 5-step plan to help you stop struggling to find your ideal audience so you can finally grow your business WITHOUT wondering where your clients are.

The "How to Get Known Now" Action Guide includes a full video training so you can fast-track learning how to share your gifts and finally make the impact you are here to make, even if no one knows you right now.

Don't miss this exclusive 5-Step Get Known Now Action Guide from the one and only Rich German, co-founder of JV Insider Circle, the largest community of JV-minded entrepreneurs in the world >>>

Value: $497

A Gift From Suzanne Evans: Create Your Personalized 10-Day Cash Injection Plan

Could You Use More Clients? More Consistent Cash Flow?

Are You Looking for Higher Paying Customers?

If your business isn't exactly where you want it to be today, here's your chance to schedule a Strategic Profit Planning Call with one of Suzanne Evans' multi-six figure coaches.

On this call:

> We will create a cash injection plan for the next 10 days
> We will address where you're leaving money on the table
> Answer any questions you have around your biggest obstacles or opportunities

Ready for your Vitamin C shot of cash and clients? Get a jump on 2020! Book your call with Suzanne Evans' all-star team right now >>>

Value: $297

Your Gift From Eva Gregory: 10 Days of List Building Madness - Full Course

Explode your email list in 100 different ways!

Whether you already have a list or just starting out, you’re going to discover the top ways to building an email list including:

> The basics of how to set up a list
> How to get people to join your list
> What to say to your new followers
> How to profit from your email list
How to improve the quality of your list

By the end of this course, you’ll be on your way to building the most important asset of your business - a profitable email list.

It will mean the difference between a business that gets by and a successful business that grows and flourishes, making money and a big difference! >>>

Value: $197

🎅 Day 1 Gifts

FREE: Get "10 Things to do on a Sales Call to Increase Conversion" from Susan Epstein

With this video walkthrough and cheat sheet, you will discover how to manage yourself on your strategy calls so you can:

> Establish rapport immediately

> Provide incredible value

> Increase your sign-up rate

These proven strategies are the foundational techniques that EVERY coach should master.

If you're not connecting with your prospects and successfully turning them into clients, you'll want this handy cheat sheet to keep on your desk so you can refer to it during your sales calls.

It may be the one thing that completely changes your business. >>>

Value: $100

Get the Social Media Success Course from Elena Tradell, Marketing Expert

Learn how to 10X your results on social media!

The Social Media Success Course covers everything you need to grow a community of raving fans on social media including:

> Creating the perfect viral post
> When to post to maximize engagement
> How to turn your followers into dollars

The best part? It shows you how to get results the first time in an efficient, effective manner.

Stop wasting time, money and effort on social media strategies that don’t work and start succeeding with the FREE Social Media Success Course - a $297 Value. >>>

Value: $297

Your Gift: "How To Use Daily Emails To Explode Your Revenues Like Mentos In A Bottle Of Coke!” From Marc Mawhinney

This is a special issue of Marc Mawhinney's Secret Coach Club newsletter...

It shows how to turn your email list into a cash register by emailing daily.

If you've been getting "crickets" when you email or more unsubscribes than actual engagement...

...This info is exactly what you need to start making your email marketing efforts FINALLY pay off - a $97 value. >>>

Marc Mawhinney is a lifelong entrepreneur who helps coaches get more clients, without paid advertising. He achieves this with his coaching programs; his podcasts (Natural Born Coaches and The Marc Mawhinney Minute); his Facebook group, The Coaching Jungle, and his exclusive print newsletter – Secret Coach Club.

Value: $97

🎅 Day 2 Gifts

FREE: Get "The Goal Guide" TO SELL AS YOUR OWN, From Content Licensing Expert Justin Popovic

"The Goal Guide" is a done-for-you digital product that you can customize, brand and sell as your own.

It will help you set your audience up for success in the new year by properly declaring their goals for 2020.

We have written and recorded all the content for you!

All you have to do is customize the material to your liking, add your company branding and then sell and distribute the content to your audience (using email, social media, blogs, membership sites, etc…).

Save huge amounts of time and money: skip the content creation phase and go directly to publishing.

Use this content to sell alone or enhance existing offers - a $97 value. >>>

Value: $97

Gift + Raffle! Get the Soul Tribe Attraction Playbook AND Online Training from Julia Stege & You Could WIN Private Coaching

Use the magical tool that has helped THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs worldwide attract their perfect customers, sometimes in less than 48 hours!

The Soul Tribe Attraction Playbook contains deceptively simple questions that, when you answer them, create a magnetic force for attraction between you and your tribe.

Your Playbook also comes with a training, "Attracting Your Soul Tribe Online." In it you will learn why marketing the 'normal' way can sabotage your heart-based business and 3 keys to making your website wildly attractive to your tribe.

Raffle! Grab the Soul Tribe Attraction Playbook and you'll be entered to WIN 1 of 3 Private Attraction Planning Sessions.

You'll get together with Julia to review/create your attraction plan and learn how to attract your Soul Tribe magically - (value: $500 ea.) >>>

Value: $47 + You Could Win a $500 Planning Session

Gift + Raffle! Get "7 Costly Presentation Mistakes Every Speaker Must Avoid" from Brigette Callahan & You Could Win a 5-Part Powerpoint Course

Even the most expert speakers make these common mistakes... They're easy to fix, BUT first you need to know what they are.

Download this report today and discover the top 7 presentation mistakes, PLUS the easy-to-follow pro tips that will overcome them.

It doesn't matter if you're giving a talk next week or next year, NOW is the time to start creating standout presentations that wow your audience.

Grab this guide and you'll be automatically entered to WIN the course, “5 Days to PowerPoints that Engage and Inspire.”

We’ve all seen an audience respond to a speaker with blank stares, checking their phones, and looking longingly at the door...

Brigette's on a mission to make sure it NEVER happens to you.

This is a comprehensive, learn-by-doing online training that shows you, step-by-step, how to create standout presentations that WOW - (value: $1,997) >>>

Value: $100 + You Could Win a $1,997 Powerpoint Course

🎅 Day 3 Gifts

FREE COURSE: Let Go & DELEGATE! From Marketing, Systems & Operations Guide Lisa Wells

Do you know that you NEED to delegate or outsource... BUT DON'T KNOW HOW?

Lisa Wells knows exactly how scary it can be, especially when you are just getting started...

Maybe you’ve tried to hire someone in the past and it didn’t work out so well. Maybe you’ve got a horror story (or three).

...But the truth is, if you want to make more money and grow your business, you HAVE TO LET GO and delegate. In this course you will learn:

> 5 Steps to effective delegation (including how to delegate, what NOT delegate, and what to do when you have no one to delegate TO)

> How to scale your business (a simple step-by-step process to figure out what to delegate)

> How to create a high-performance team (plus a simple tool you can use with your team that will streamline communication)

Sign up here to get your free course, even if you’re a one-person-show or have trouble letting go >>>

Value: $97

Gift & Raffle! Grab Your "Facebook Ad Secrets" Guide from Kristen Robinson & You Could WIN a Facebook Ad Assessment

Facebook Ads don’t have to be difficult. Learn how to create a working, converting Facebook Ad with Kristen's 5-step blueprint! In this guide, you will..

> Create mouth-watering Facebook Ad text to make people sign up for your offer

> Design an image for your Facebook Ad that cuts through the noise and gets your clients' attention

> Craft an ad budget that gets results without spending a lot of money

RAFFLE! Grab "Facebook Ad Secrets" and you will be automatically entered to WIN a Facebook Ad Assessment with Lead Generation Specialist, Kristen Robinson. You'll get to discuss:

> Are Facebook Ads a good fit for your business?
> If so, how can you use them?
> If you are already using Facebook Ads, what strategies can you use?

We’ll be going through your offers, what your goals are, and if/how can Facebook Ads get you there - ($600 value) >>>

Gift + Raffle! You Could Win $600 in FB Ad Advice

Grab "3 Tools to Help You Get 3 New Clients or Sales in 30 Days" from Monica Shah, CEO of Revenue Breakthrough

Most entrepreneurs make “getting clients” WAY too complicated. But really, there are just 3 tools you need to know how to use...

In this client-getting kit, you’ll receive all 3 tools to help you focus on EXACTLY what you need to do:

Tool #1 – A simple revenue tool to help you increase your income in just 5 minutes a day.

Tool #2 – A handy  tool to make enrollment conversations easier.

Tool #3 – Monica's Money-Making Marketing Calendar to free up your time, so you can focus on only the most important things.

Grab this gift to help you get 3 new clients in 30 days now. >>>

Value: $495

🎅 Day 4 Gifts

Gift + Raffle! Get the Website Legal Policy Pack & You Could WIN the Legal Template Library from Bobby Klinck

Confidently protect your website in an hour or less with the website legal policy pack from Harvard Lawyer and entrepreneur Bobby Klinck.

If you're building your online business, you've got way too many things to do to spend your time playing lawyer... but that doesn't mean you can ignore the legal stuff when it comes to your website.

That's where the Online Genius Website Policy Pack comes into play. You'll get the three legal policies that every online entrepreneur needs:

(1) a privacy policy, (2) terms of use, and (3) a disclaimer.

Each template is easy to customize for your business and comes with video instructions that make them "dummy proof."

Plus, one lucky person will WIN access to Bobby's full Online Genius Template Library ($997 value).

The OG Template Library includes all of Bobby's legal templates (online program agreements, client agreements, contractor agreements etc.), plus any future templates and access to a private FB group for support.

Value: $97 + Be Entered to Win a $997 Prize

FREE: "So You Want to Write a Book?" Decision Matrix Plus You Could WIN the Book Idea Workbook from Author, Publisher & Bestselling Book Strategist Kim Eldredge

So, you want to write a book…

While your message is Serious Business, the writing process doesn’t have to be!

The all-new decision matrix - from Bestselling Author Kim Eldredge - walks you through the common pitfalls that keep you stuck AND shows you the path to finally write your book.

It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure – for writers! Maybe your path leads to, “DO IT NOW! HERE’S HOW!” or maybe you’ll realize you’re not ready to write your book.

The Decision Matrix leads you through the path to writing your book, shows you next steps, and brings you must-have resources.

Everyone who grabs Kim's decision matrix will also be entered to WIN The Book Idea Workbook: 10 Can’t-Fail Steps to a Book Your Prospects Can’t Wait to Read (and You’re Excited to Write!) - $297 value >>>

Gift + Raffle! Grab Up to $394 in Writer Tools

FREE Gift: Get "Measuring Coaching Success" from Karen Cappello, Master Certified Coach

You are a business or executive coach, changing the world, one leader at a time... and you wonder how you could have even more impact...

If you want to have more confidence in your coaching and you want your clients to recognize what they have accomplished in a very profound way, you’ll love this process.

Thanks to the "Measuring Coaching Success" program, YOU will also be able to articulate YOUR results clearly, so that you can attract coaching clients more easily.

In addition, you’ll receive quotes by top leaders about the HIGH ROI of coaching, that you can use to put in your proposals.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to communicate the value of coaching to your prospective clients
  • The benefits of tracking numbers in coaching
  • The keys to coaching metrics
  • A simple solution to creating compelling marketing copy
  • How to make your coaching proposals easier to say yes to >>>

Value: $97

🎅 Day 5 Gifts

Gift+Raffle! Get "How to Create a Low-Maintenance Monthly Club for Recurring Income" from Serena Carcasole & You Could WIN a Year in the Amazing Women Entrepreneurs Network Diamond Elite Club

Imagine being able to impact the lives of hundreds of people each and every day, while working just a few hours each week…

By creating a subscription-based monthly club, you can generate a reliable income every month.

This guide is PACKED with fantastic information to get your club started, keep it going, grow your brand, and engage more people every month:

  • Serve hundreds, or even thousands, of clients each and every day
  • Create recurring, consistent income
  • Put an end to the “find a new client” hustle that consumes so much time and energy

3 lucky people who grab this gift will WIN a one-year subscription to the Amazing Women Entrepreneurs Network Diamond Elite Club (value: $997).

It's an all-inclusive networking experience that will take you to a whole new level with like-minded women. Share your expertise, create an impact, connect, collaborate, promote, and thrive. >>>

Gift + Raffle! Be Entered to Win a $997 Membership

High-Ticket Selling Simplified: 9 Secrets to Raise Your Fees & Convert More Clients from Jennifer Diepstraten

Get your e-book: "9 Secrets to Increase Your Fees, Convert More Sales, and Magnetically Attract Top Dollar Clients Who Want to Hire You Before Ever Meeting You"

Gain insider sales secrets from High Ticket Sales Mentor Jennifer Diepstraten’s proven 4-step process for doubling your fees and serving your prospects at the highest level...

You'll learn:

  • Why the old model of selling is DEAD
  • How to turn all your “No’s” into raving fans
  • Jennifer’s simple method to quadruple your income without selling out or feeling salesy

Get your free high ticket sales e-book >>>

Value: $49

FREE: Get the List-Making Starter Kit & You Could Win a Copy of Listful Living: A List-Making Journey to a Less Stressed You from Author & Media Consultant Paula Rizzo

Want to get more done but don't have any extra time to spare? No problem! You're covered with the List-Making Starter Kit!

Making the right lists will make you less stressed, more efficient and organized.

Plus, a Raffle! There are 1440 minutes in a day. How are you spending those precious minutes? Do you feel drained at the end of the day or look back and can’t figure out where the time went?

If you’re not feeling fired up & fueled by your lists, Paula Rizzo, best-selling author and Emmy-award winning television producer, delivers the solution in her book, Listful Living: A List-Making Journey to a Less Stressed You.

Grab the free List-Making Starter Kit & you'll be automatically entered to WIN Paula's book so you can:

  • Tap into your own productivity style to get more done
  • Curate your list-making to best serve the lifestyle you want to lead
  • Create a roadmap to be less stressed >>>

Value: $49 + Be Entered to Win Paula's Book!

🎅 Day 6 Gifts

Get "The Power Profile System," Your Free Gift from Jessie May, Brand Strategist

Unite your unique personality traits into a clear and compelling brand that attracts clients and money into your business!

Ever noticed that everyday, 1,000s of new businesses are busting into the market? How do you stand out among the masses?

The Power Profile System is an in-depth assessment based on color psychology. It’s designed to reveal your authentic brand personality so you can be seen and hired for your brilliance!

Once you complete the Power Profile Assessment, you will…

Discover your primary personality type
• Understand which color aligns with your brand personality
Have a vocabulary of brand-specific words and phrases
• Know which universal archetypes relate to your brand
Understand your brand’s strengths and areas of struggle
• Clarify your brand values & more!

Imagine the relief you will feel when you have a waitlist of clients because you are sought after for the exact qualities that make you special and different from everyone else! >>>

Value: $97

9 Steps to Become a Trusted and In-Demand Expert - Your Free Video Series From Cindy J Holbrook, the Visibility Wiz

During this video series, you'll discover:

> How to stand out from the crowd and inspire feelings of trust so that clients pay you top dollar

> The #1 strategy to get booked on podcasts and radio shows that will get you noticed fast

> How to leverage the expertise of others and get on the fast-track to establish your own expert status

> A little-known secret to build your credibility and expertise on Facebook in as little as 7 days

When you download your 9 Steps to Become a Trusted and In-Demand Expert, you'll automatically be entered in a drawing to WIN a virtual VIP day with Cindy J to create your own visibility plan for 2020 >>>

Gift + Raffle! Be Entered to Win a $997 VIP Day

Your Gift: The Ultimate Speaker Checklist & Training - From Jackie Lapin, Founder of SpeakerTunity & Expert at Getting Booked

Get maximum impact at your next speaking gig:

Use This Speaker Checklist and Training to Ensure Success and You'll Never Have a Misstep.

In this comprehensive video training, speaker booking expert Jackie Lapin walks you through every nuance to cover negotiations, planning, on-site set up, pre-stage approach and more.

Plus, you’ll get a highly-detailed 7-page checklist that you can use with each one of your presentations.

Grab your Speaker Checklist & Training and you'll be automatically entered to WIN one year of SpeakerTunity™ speaker leads. ($369 value)

SpeakerTunity™ gives you the exclusive, inside scoop on direct contacts to book your own speaking opportunities. The hard work is done for you, so that you'll focus on what you do best - speaking and working with your new tribe. Twice every month, you'll receive 60 contacts for venues, meetings, events and organizations across North America that are looking for speakers like you. >>>

Value: $497 + Be Entered to Win $369 in Coaching

🎅 Day 7 Gifts

From Susan Harrow: 10 Real-World Press Releases That Got BIG TIME Publicity + Fill-in-the-Blank Templates to create your own + the 100-Word Email That Can Get the Media to Call YOU

Gift #1: Learn how to write the EXACT FORMULA to get any journalist, TV or radio producer's attention so you can be interviewed by the media and get recognition and sales...

Most publicity seekers fail at getting a journalist or producer to open their email—so your offer never even gets seen.

The 100-Word Email That Can Get The Media to Call You gets the media’s INSTANT attention. You’ll stand out from all your competitors + increase your chances to get the media to call.

Gift #2: The 10 Proven Press Releases gives you the success formulas that top publicists have used HUNDREDS of times to get their clients consistent NATIONAL publicity ASAP.

You get 10 done-for-you press release templates. Just fill-in-the-blanks and click send.

PLUS a raffle! You’ll be entered into a drawing to win the Ultra Super Saver—all of Susan’s products + courses (How to Get a 6-Figure Book Advance; Get into O, The Oprah Magazine; Your Signature Sound Bite Course + more) - Worth over $3,500 (3 Lucky Winners!)

2 Gifts + Raffle! You Could Win $3,500 in PR Training

FREE: Get "Social 2020" - the All-New E-Book on All You Need to Know to Be Successful with Social in the New Year - from Jonathan Christian

Stressed about Social Media?

Don't know what to write or when to post?

Do you post for quality or quantity?

Find out what's working NOW, including what to post and when and how to share it for maximum ROI - Return on Interaction.

With over 600 stories under his belt, We Make Stuff Happen's Jonathan Christian knows what works for business on social media.

When you sign up for the book Social 2020, you'll also get training, big ideas and real examples that truly work - a $197 value. Jonathan is an internationally renowned speaker, trainer, and social media expert who inspires and educates audiences to harness the power of Social Media and explode their business. >>>

Value: $197

Instant Access Masterclass: Sustaining Momentum When Launch Burnout Hits, from Leadership Architect Martha Wilson

Launching is HARD… and it’s an emotional roller coaster.

> You end up dropping other balls because there’s so much going on.

> When it’s over you can hardly even feel the win because things didn’t go as planned.

> Or maybe it didn’t go at all because life happened in the middle of your launch and you crashed and burned. So now you want to curl into a ball and hide for a month (or more!).

It doesn’t have to be so HARD. There IS a way to clear your head, calm the chaos and stay in the game, no matter what happens along the way.

Even better? It has nothing to do with working harder, hiring more help, or managing your time more effectively.

There is a magical secret weapon to help you do more, better, with less effort, and Martha's giving it to you for free in this masterclass.

Ready for living beyond launching? Get the free masterclass and you'll be entered to WIN The Inner Work™ Bootcamp. ($1,997 Value) >>>

Value: $497 + Be Entered to Win $1,997 in Coaching!

🎅 Day 8 Gifts

The New Client Attraction Model: How To Get More Clients Online, from Thought Leaders Institute Co-Founders Jim Hohl & Lucas Garvin

Did you spend more time chasing clients than chasing your dreams in 2019?

If so, you’ll want to check out this fresh yet proven methodology to take back CONTROL of your business by shifting from “the chase” that leaves you tired, frustrated, and stuck with slow growth…

...To a NEW CLIENT ATTRACTION MODEL that revolutionizes and simplifies how coaches, consultants & course creators fill their calendars with qualified leads & enroll new clients - with predictability and ease.

You’ll discover the 3 essential shifts to make attracting and enrolling more clients a breeze - even if ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’ don't come naturally. (No chasing, phone-tag, or begging required!)

BONUS! Once you've claimed your copy of the guide, Jim and Lucas will also invite you to join their private community, Thriving Thought Leaders, where you’ll find even more free training and industry insights. Look for the access link in your download confirmation email.

Value: $97

Cash Flow Training: "Where’s My Money?" - Your Gift from Cash Flow & Profits Optimizer Anne Dickinson

Stop Guessing and Start KNOWING Your Monthly Cash Flow:

In this short, easy to implement training, you'll learn how building a cash forecast for your business will allow you to increase profits and boost your bottom line.


  • Where and when your cash is arriving
  • When and where your cash is going
  • How to CONFIDENTLY move through low cash months AND reduce stress and fear around your business financials >>>

Value: $397

A Gift From "The Affiliate Guy" Matt McWilliams: The Promo Prep eCourse

It's time to take your promotions to the next level with the Promo Prep eCourse!

This eCourse is exactly what you need to achieve success in your next promotion, including:

> Setting promotional goals

> Conditioning your audience to click and buy

> How to warm up your audience prior to a promotion

> Creating a promotional plan and calendar

> How to promote various types of content

> Budgeting for paid advertising... and much, much more.

The information in this eCourse is a must-have for any online business owner. >>>

Value: $97

🎅 Day 9 Gifts

FREE: The Viral Visibility Checklist... from Visibility Mentor, Speaker and Transformational Rapper Sean Stewart

How to Get Your Posts Read, Liked and Shared So You Can Attract Raving-Fan Clients Online:

Get Sean Stewart's proprietary 7-point checklist that he uses to:

> Generate tens of thousands of dollars per post

> Attract ideal, high-paying clients

> Finally get viral visibility without spending any money on ads

Grab Sean's Viral Visibility Checklist - a $97 value >>>

Value: $97

Get the 6-Figure Business Planning & Marketing Checklist + Video Training, From Intuitive Business Coach & Soul-Aligned Success Mentor Christine Parma

The 6-Figure Business Planning and Marketing Checklist shows you the essential steps and strategies you need to quickly grow your visibility, sales and profits quickly - a $97 value.

Inside the checklist and video training, you'll...

> Learn the business-building activities that really help you get more clients, grow your sales and make more money in your business ... so you can stop wasting your time and efforts on ones that don't!

> Get a complete checklist of the essential ongoing and one-time marketing activities every online business owner needs to be doing. Choose the ones that best fit you and your business!

> Get checklists for business planning, revenue generation, productivity and systems, plus explanations and more details inside the video training.

Grab this gift and be entered to WIN a scholarship to Christine’s life-changing business launch and growth group program, Passion, Launch, Profits! (Value: $1,997)

Gift + Raffle! Be Entered to Win $1,997 in Training

Get the "Magical Meetup Strategy" for a Fast Cash Infusion, from Divine Business Coach Cornelia Ward

For entrepreneurs who love to teach, even if you're just getting started...

> Get a flood of new clients from your talks - NO website or list required.

> Learn the secret strategy to get people to show up for your workshops.

> Included is a done-for-you proven talk script.

Get this course FREE and you'll be entered to WIN the chance to work privately with Cornelia via the Get Clients From Meetup laser coaching program, so you can get a flood of new clients from your talks and workshops. Value: $1,000 >>>

Value: $497 + Be Entered to Win $1,000 in Coaching

🎅 Day 10 Gifts

Get the Coach's Legal Library from "Your Friend Who's a Laywer!" Valerie Del Grosso + You Could WIN "The Little Black Legal Book"

Don't get stuck searching for reliable legal advice for your biz...

Know exactly where to get it (for free) with The Coach's Legal Library! ($497 value)

Get the most commonly asked legal questions answered with no legalese inside...

  • How to protect program names
  • When to register an LLC
  • What to do if a client dispute arises

...And more... all inside the free membership site.

When you get the FREE Coach's Legal Library, you'll be automatically entered to WIN Valerie's "Little Legal Black Book" - 30+ Legal Templates For Coaches, including team agreements, billing policies and more, with videos to easily customize and get it done! ($997 value)

Gift + Raffle! You Could Win $997 in Legal Resources

Get "The Anatomy of an Empowering Story" from Breakthrough Story Expert Dr. Michèle Gunderson

Why Your Personal Story Can Be A Game Changer for Your Business:

This guide will help you to...

> Tap into the power of story to find your voice
> Reach outrageous goals
> Connect with your ideal clients
> Grow your message
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