Receive Access To Our Custom & Lookalike Audiences

Receive access to the Facebook audiences from the giveaway opt-in, thank-you & gift page traffic so you can run Facebook Ads to them.

🎁 Only $97 🎁


  • Even though our giveaway boasts some of the highest opt-in rates in the industry, we all know it’s not possible to have all 500,000+ people who are invited to the opt-in page also opt in for all our gifts! (Wouldn’t THAT be nice?!)
  • However, you CAN build MORE of an audience beyond just your email list-build by taking advantage of the traffic that we’re collectively driving to our most visited pages.
  • You share your Facebook Ad Account Identification Number with us so we can share Facebook/Meta Custom Audiences for the giveaway Opt-in Page views, Thank-you Page views, and Gift Page views as well as 2% Lookalike Audiences for each of these Custom Audiences. After we’ve shared these audiences, they appear in the audience section of your Facebook Tools.
  • Once the giveaway is over, you are free to use your three new huge lookalike audiences and three custom audiences to promote as you see fit: nurture more, secure more opt-ins, promo your next launch… the sky is the limit!


  • You must have a Facebook Business Manager account and a Facebook Ad Account ID Number in order for us to be able to share the audiences with you.
  • Not sure how to find your Facebook Ad Account ID number? We’ll show you! As part of ensuring our giveaway partners (you!) have access to these Facebook/Meta Audiences, we’ve put together a brief training video that details where to find your FB Ad Account ID number, so we can share these audiences with you. Please note we do NOT help with setting up your Facebook Business Manager account, which you must have in order for us to send you audience access.
  • If you wish to take advantage of your access to these Facebook/Meta audiences, please submit your administration fee below. This administration fee is to set up and share these audiences, not for the audiences themselves. As a reminder, Facebook Custom Audiences and their lookalikes have a lifespan of 180 days, so this placement will only serve you if you plan to run ads within appx. 6 months of the giveaway.
  • This does not include support with actually running your Facebook Ads. Please only grab this if you know how to run Facebook Ads or plan to learn or hire someone within the first half of the New Year.